10 unbeatable reasons for moving to Spain
September 10, 2015

Sometimes, we may need a jump-start to make the decision and make our dream come true. If the perfect economic situation is not enough to convince you, let us tell you our 10 unbeatable reasons for moving to Spain that will make you decide in just 1 minute…

1. Moving to Spain is easy

Freedom of movement within the European Economic Area has been a Godsend for anyone who fancies moving to Spain. There are no questions asked, no paperwork required – just by virtue of being an EU citizen, you already effectively are a Spanish citizen. Within one day you can be assigned your National Identity Number which allows you to work. Really, it couldn´t be simpler.

2. The weather

It so obvious that it almost goes without saying, but with 300 days of sunshine a year, the glorious weather is reason enough for most Northern Europeans to want to move to Spain. But the Spanish climate, like Spain itself actually has a lot of variation – in the north they get a considerable amount of rain meaning the landscape is a luscious green, and as already mentioned, in Catalonia and Andalucia the mountain ranges are high enough that they get lots of snow. So if near-constant sunshine isn´t your thing then you know which part of Spain to move to!

3. There is an endless need for native English speakers

One of the biggest hurdles to moving to another country is finding a job. This is especially so if that other country is predominantly non-English speaking, but the language difference is actually less of a barrier and more of an opportunity in Spain as it means there is a constant need for native English speakers to work as teachers. All you need is TEFL certificate and you are likely to find enough work to keep you going.

4. There are loads of public holidays

To a British person it seems as if every other day is a public holiday in Spain. Indeed, each municipality is allowed up to 14 per year, as opposed to the usual 8 in the UK. This means there are more days off work, or days where you might get paid extra time for working. Many of these fiestas involve street parades and general partying so you can get out of the office and let your hair down.

5. The Mediterranean diet

In these health obsessed times foodies have been scouring the globe to find the healthiest national and regional diets. What they have found consistently is the Mediterranean diet is the healthiest in the world. This is proof that moving to Spain is good for your health, in the long run, it might even save your life!

6. It´s a great base to explore the rest of the Mediterranean

Sharing an open border with France and Portugal, and just a short flight or ferry away from Italy and North Africa, not to mention the smaller islands like Sardinia, Corsica and Malta, Spain serves as the perfect base from which to explore the rest of the Mediterranean.

7. It´s diverse

The Spanish identity is anything but monocultural – it is a highly federalised country with marked regional differences which makes living there a very culturally enriching experience. From the Castilla La Mancha heartlands to the Basque country, Galicia, Catalonia and Andalucia, it is fascinating to learn about the different lifestyles, traditions, and languages that make up Spain.

8. It´s multicultural

Besides learning about the diversity of the Spanish people themselves, living in Spain also affords you the opportunity to learn about the wider Spanish speaking world. Due to its close connections with Latin America there is a large South and Central American community in Spain who have added their own cultural spice into the already rich Spanish mix.

9. Golf and skiing

The fantastic and almost-always sunny weather allows golfers to make the most of their days playing golf without rain. Spanish Coast host 144 golf courses of all levels both for beginners and experienced golfers, for afordable prices. You can find at least one golf course within a 25 min drive from wherever you are.

For people who live in countries without skiing opportunities a winter skiing holiday can be very expensive once flights and accommodation are included. But if you live in Barcelona for example you can reach a ski resort in the Pyrenees for the cost of a 15 train ticket and then just go home again at the end of the day. With transport and accommodation costs almost eliminated, skiing becomes a very affordable option, in Catalonia and Andalucia at least.

10. Real Madrid and Barcelona FC

For football fans there is probably no better place in Europe to live right now than in Spain. Home to the most exciting national league, la Liga, and of course, arguably the two best teams and the two best players in the world, Ronaldo at Real Madrid and Messi and Barcelona FC. The great thing about living in Spain is that tickets for matches are much lower than what they are in UK, not to mention that you also save yourself the cost of a flight to see these living legends play on their home grounds.

Are you already an #Expat in Spain? Which were your 10 unbeatable reasons for moving to Spain?

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