April 04, 2016
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Antonio Verdonces Vivancos from My Lawyer in Spain has collaborated with us and written this clear article about the UK referendum and the possible Brexit consequences. As this might be an issue you could be worried about regarding your buying plans in Spain. This article can surely dispel some of the fears and questions you […]

March 29, 2016
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If UK referendum result decides to stay in the EU, there are a set of measures negotiated by Mr. Cameron related mainly with immigration, reinforcement of sovereignty and the competitiveness of the British economy. But if your main concern is what will happen if UK leaves the EU, just when you were planning to retire […]

March 31, 2015
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One of the conclusions drawn from the presentation on international marketing challenges given by Alfredo Millá, Sonneil’s CEO (www.sonneil.com) at the last Barcelona Meeting Point in Barcelona, is that buyers coming from the major countries purchasing second homes in Spain are buying more than in the pre-recession period. Especially Northern countries, which have increased their […]

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