Trying the gastronomy of Fuengirola is one of those pleasures that no one should miss. In this population, the Spanish culture is very fused with the Finnish one, in fact, the gastronomy stands out precisely for the union of cultures and exquisite flavors. As it belongs to the Costa del Sol, and given its location by the sea, fish and shellfish are the most popular dishes, such as fried sardines or rice with seafood, although other dishes such as dogfish with potatoes, gazpacho are also popular. or the various pouts. For those who are planning to visit the city, we have selected a series of the best luxury restaurants in Fuengirola so that no one misses out on the wonderful smells and flavors of its gastronomy.

What are the luxury restaurants in Fuengirola?

Sollo Restaurant

It is a charming restaurant with an open kitchen and fantastic views of the Mediterranean. It has a Michelin star, so its signature cuisine is of a high level. The chef, Diego Gallegos, is committed to a menu based on a sustainable background, with very modern and delicate dishes, very balanced in their flavors, and in which South American touches can be appreciated.

Los Marinos José

This restaurant is a benchmark in seafood cuisine on the Costa del Sol. It is considered the Temple of Seafood and fresh fish, so lovers of seafood have a mandatory appointment with this restaurant. Of family origin, the owners have their own boat with which they catch their own fish.

best luxury restaurants in Fuengirola


This elegant restaurant with spectacular views offers its diners the best Mediterranean and Spanish cuisine. Its tasty salmon tartare, the tender duck, its delicious Spanish tapas, the lemon sorbet or its exquisite homemade desserts stand out. The staff at the Charolais are very efficient and sophisticated, and the restaurant offers an optimum level of comfort, in keeping with the high level of its cuisine.

El rancho de Salva

El rancho de Salva is one of the most visited restaurants in Fuengirola and one of the ones with the best ratings from customers. It is a grill restaurant that stands out for its exquisite paella dishes, as well as its portions of prawns and sirloin. The attention of the staff is exquisite, the environment is extremely welcoming and the menu is extensive, with many options to choose from.

Mesón La Salina

Mesón la Salina stands out for promising high-quality dishes. Its star dishes are those made from meat, since it is a steakhouse, but no one can leave this restaurant without trying its ham and cheese. They are specialists in preparing veal sirloin, suckling pig and leg of lamb, and their dishes of rich potatoes and aubergines with honey are famous. In addition, the decoration of the restaurant has that simple but cozy touch that invites you to enjoy the flavors, and the treatment of the staff is excellent. It is one of the trendiest restaurants in the area, so reservations are necessary.

Don Julián Gastrobar

This restaurant surprises with the quality of its dishes and the variety of its menu. Its flavors are worthy of a Michelin star, since its chef is a professor of cooking. It stands out for its home cooking, for the balanced menu and for its affordable prices despite the high quality of its cuisine. Don Julián Gastrobar is a cozy Spanish restaurant in a very pleasant area, making it perfect for families.

best luxury restaurants in Fuengirola

El Bodegón Kalidad

With an unbeatable location, El Bodegón Kalidad surprises its diners with the best wines, Uruguayan and Galician meats, and Iberian products. It is a charming restaurant where the dishes are prepared with great care. It offers a gastronomic experience that is difficult to forget, with unique flavor combinations in a cozy environment.


The Arrozante restaurant has a very varied menu, being especially praised for its octopus dishes. For those who enjoy Mediterranean and Spanish cuisine, this restaurant is, without a doubt, one of the best choices. Among its delicious dishes, its seafood paella, octopus and laing stand out, a Filipino dish made with taro leaves, meat or seafood. El Arrozante is also famous for the professionalism of its employees and for the beautiful and relaxing decoration.

La Libélula Vegan

In our list of the best luxury restaurants in Fuengirola we could not leave out a vegan option. It is a very cozy restaurant whose decoration is meticulous in detail. The food is delicious, very elaborate, where hummus dishes, zucchini toasts, nachos, seasonal wok, country rice and even vegan burgers stand out. In addition, the restaurant makes its own desserts.

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