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Denia Beach: homes with Mediterranean Sea views

Denia Beach: homes with Mediterranean Sea views

We can’t stop thinking about everything we will do once we can enjoy life outdoors again. Going to the seaside to feel the sea breeze, swimming in the sea for the first time this year, sunbathing in the hammocks and toasting from the terrace of our homes with Mediterranean Sea views.

Would you like to do all this as well? Then, you need to know Denia Beach! Because the good life includes sea, light and your place in Spain.

Denia: a gem on the Costa Blanca

Denia is a small port city, yes. But don’t be fooled by its size. Denia has more than 2000 years of history, and Iberians, Phoenicians and Greeks lived in it. There must be a reason, right? The castle and the port are its hallmarks, as well as a gastronomy mmmm … to lick your fingers! Not surprisingly, UNESCO named it Creative City of Gastronomy in 2015.

Denia is like a secret garden, like that little lost gem that you suddenly find when you are looking for something else. It is the favorite destination of those who love sunlight, hiking, seafaring atmospheres… but also, enjoying a few hours on the beach. Denia is a small place, but it is also cosmopolitan.

The Costa Blanca is full of nearby paradises like Denia. Let’s visit them when everything is fine! Are you in? 🏖

Visiting the coast is great. Living it, is a luxury.

Denia Beach: this is what life facing the sea looks like

Nice, right?

At Sonneil, we constantly look for places with the vitality of Denia Beach. Places you can live and design in your own way, blank walls for you to create a new stage of your life while listening to the sound of the waves. 🌊 The homes with homes with Mediterranean Sea views of Denia Beach are perfect for that.

Homes where the light lives

Denia Beach is super special for five main reasons: 

  • The sea views. Imagine having your own piece of Mediterraneo in your terrace, waking up to the sound of the waves… it’s as good as it sounds, really!
  • Light is everywhere. Did you know we enjoy more than 300 sunny days a year in Costa Blanca? Houses here are designed with open spaces and big windows to let the light in. The living room and the open kitchen have access to the terrace, as well as the main bedroom.
  • Let us tell you a secret… the kitchen is our favourite part! For cooking lovers, this open kitchen with breakfast bar is a luxury. It has a column for integrated appliances. And you won’t keep your eyes off of the countertop finished in white silica! It is completely furnished and equipped with oven, ceramic hob and extractor hood. You just worry about choosing your first recipe! Those who prefer to be away from the stove will not resist this minimalist, elegant and contemporary design kitchen either. You can tell we love it, right?
  • There are houses for everyone! Are you moving with your family? Are you looking for an investment? No problem at all! There are homes with one, two or three bedrooms.
  • And, of course, the location! Denia Beach is a five minute walk to the beach and well connected to the center of Denia –and you can enjoy it in any season-. There are also supermarkets and restaurants within 500 meters. Although what we like most to know the environment is the bike path. You can also play a round of golf in Oliva Nova, a 15-minute drive away.

Relaxing in the common areas

Sharing is living. And, if it is in common areas such as Denia Beach’s, even more.

Forget about yoga and meditation. Denia Beach’s pool, pergolas and gardens are the best antidote to stress. Relax however you like. Maybe, feeling like Dustin Hoffman in The Graduate as you relax by the pool listening to Simon & Garfunkel. Or reading your favorite novel under the shade of the palm trees. 🌴

Look, look:

The construction of Denia Beach is increasingly advanced. The pool is filling up and the plants in the gardens are growing … only you are missing!

We can already see you enjoying the sunlight coming through the windows and the terraces with views of the Mediterranean.

We know that, at the moment, you cannot visit Denia Beach in person. But at Sonneil we want to make your life easier. Visit Denia Beach website and contact us to have all the information you need.

Because the good life is waiting for you. And we want to help you live it.

The most beautiful beach towns in Alicante

The most beautiful beach towns in Alicante

The most beautiful beach towns in Alicante are at your fingertips. Alicante… towns, beaches and action. With this combination: what can go wrong?

Today, Sonneil brings you closer to villages with almost deserted beaches, villas with seafaring sounds, towns full of stories and legends of pirates and, of course, places that reflect the serene soul of the Mediterranean. These are just some of the features of the most beautiful beach towns in Alicante.

Do you want to know which ones they are? At Sonneil we will tell you our favourite ones… but shhhh don’t share our secrets with anyone… Shall we begin?

And if, after so many sand and sea, you fancy something more cultural, here you have the top five museums on the Costa Blanca.

The 7 best beach towns in Alicante

Altea, the apple of our eye

From the top of Altea, the dome of the Church of Nuestra Señora del Consuelo watches over the travellers who enter Alicante’s lands.

Built on rock, this small town stands the test of time (and tourists). We recommend that you take a walk, or rather, let yourself be carried away by its cobbled streets. An experience for all five senses.

For night owls, Altea does not go to sleep. Check out the plans for after sunset!

Denia, a seafaring melody

We say town… but Denia has grown to become a city.

What’s the best part? The district with a seafaring tradition decorated with nets and rigging, Mount Montgó, the castle or the reflection of the sunset in the water of its hidden coves are just some examples.

Moraira, a history of lighting pirates

A town that could be considered Saint Tropez’s twin sibling, it has a history behind that combines legends and pirates. The story is recorded by the castle that watches over the town… and which, once upon time, had a surveillance function, since pirates were a threat to people.

Today, it is a quiet place where you can walk by the sea with the mountain in the background.

Villajoyosa, the name says it all

Villajoyosa, which means ‘joyful town’ in Spanish, is the jewel of the well-known Marina Baixa and is the perfect example of the Mediterranean style: a maze of houses with a white, almost shiny colour that contrasts with the seas of flowers that cover its walls. (If you like white villages, here you can discover the most beautiful on the Costa del Sol and the Costa Blanca).

And as a must see panoramic view, we recommend a walk along the promenade of the Arsenal district: each house has a different colour, in a uniquely picturesque setting… What for? It was meant for the men returning from the sea so they would know which house was theirs from afar.

Tabarca, THE TOWN par excellence

And if we had to choose the three most beautiful beach towns in Alicante, Tabarca would undoubtedly qualify for this ranking.

Tabarca is an islet of great archeological value due to its watchtowers, such as the San José Tower, its characteristic wall or the church of San Pedro. It offers a summer energy: it is the perfect destination to spend the day between fine sand and warm water… sheltered from the Mediterranean sun.

Guardamar del Segura, the counterpoint

There is also another side of the Mediterranean beyond the pristine white sands: and that is the coves away from the human’s hand, where the saltpetre is at its best. And Guardamar del Segura is the best example of this with its isolated cabins facing the sea, its pine forests and sand dunes that change location.

Benissa, between the interior and the coast

Halfway between the interior and the coast is Benissa with its moonlike landscape due to the stony beaches. And in the background? The steep slopes lined with houses that are so typical of this area.

As a bonus: this area is perfect for scuba diving, thanks to its clear water.

As you can see, the best beach towns in Alicante are waiting for your next unforgettable adventure.

What are you waiting for to explore the soul of Alicante?

“By the light of the lamps on the quay, I began to wonder what Alicante would be without its beautiful landscape”


Imagine living close to these small paradises? At Sonneil we offer you exclusive apartments in Alicante so you can find a space where you can design your life your way. But always looking at the Mediterranean.

Because the good life is better under the sun and close to the sea.

How to get from Santa Pola to Tabarca

How to get from Santa Pola to Tabarca

All roads lead… to Tabarca Island. Tabarca is an islet of great archeological value due to its watchtowers, such as the San José Tower, its characteristic wall or the church of San Pedro. It offers a summer energy: it is the perfect destination to spend the day between fine sand and warm water… sheltered from the Mediterranean sun.

For all this and more, we consider Tabarca Island to be a perfect destination in the Costa Blanca.

Moreover, as it is an island inaccessible by land, the only way to get there is by sea, normally from Santa Pola.

Do you want to know how to get from Santa Pola to Tabarca Island? Today at Sonneil we will tell you all the details so you can visit this paradise.

Because the good life also comes to the islands.

Tabarca, a golden land

With a certain resemblance to Malta, Tabarca Island is a destination that must be visited at least once in a lifetime. It combines the best of two worlds: the air and the almost infinite blue of the Mediterranean with the medieval heritage of the surroundings.

With a journey of just one day to get to know its best corners, Tabarca offers unusual places such as:

  • The old military stronghold of the San José Tower, used as a prison during the 19th century.
  • The Galera Island with its underwater world.
  • The historic lighthouse… which, due to its limited use, was rather placed in a symbolic way.
  • Puerta de Levante, the medieval gateway to the city.
  • Puerta de Tierra, with views of the harbour.
  • The churches of Saint Peter and Saint Paul.
  • Tabarca is not only about land: it is the perfect place to snorkel! Don’t hesitate to bring your diving goggles!
  • Narrow streets that always lead to an unexpected sunset.

In short, Tabarca offers a unique experience, where the best thing is to travel without planning so you can let yourself get carried away by your slowed down clock.

How to get from Santa Pola to Tabarca

The best way to reach Tabarca Island is from Santa Pola, located about 7 kilometers away. It is quite a touristy destination, so you will have no problem finding a boat service to take you to the island.

Some information to consider before catching a boat from Santa Pola to Tabarca:

  • The journey lasts approximately 20 minutes.
  • The weather is an important factor for the departure of boats: if the weather is bad, the boats probably won’t run, so we recommend that you keep this in mind.
  • The season also determines the frequency of trips and the number of companies making the journey. During the low season, it is best to make sure in advance which companies operate this short route.
  • You can buy your ticket online and it costs usually around 10 euros.
  • If you buy your ticket at the port, it can be more expensive, although it all depends on the company.
  • There are different types of vessels, including catamarans, ferries and boats: you choose your adventure… which depends to a great extent on the waves.
  • If you are going to visit Tabarca with children, don’t worry. There are ferries that even have the capacity to travel with prams and bicycles.

Now that you know how to get from Santa Pola to Tabarca…  What are you waiting for to embark on this adventure?

«Beautiful Tabarca, Tabarca my island, you are not left alone night or day. In your lighthouse I sat, to light up my hours, and I only had the calm of your waves».


What about trying the Mediterranean cuisine in Santa Pola after visiting the island?

And if after visiting Tabarca you fall in love with this Mediterranean paradise, at Sonneil we offer you apartments in Santa Pola. This way you can go to Tabarca from Monday to Sunday, at any time.

The sea does not understand timetables!

Where to eat in Santa Pola

Where to eat in Santa Pola

There are so many choices when it comes to where to eat in Santa Pola, that we could create a blog just to talk about this. (Sure, we love talking about food).

The gastronomy of Santa Pola revolves around tradition, legend and the sea. Brothy seafood rice with the perfect texture, a clam chowder in front of the sea or one of the best croquettes that -we dare say- you have ever tasted in your life… These are just some of the wonders that you can enjoy in the land of the sun par excellence.

Do you want to know where to eat in Santa Pola? Today at Sonneil we take you on a tour of our must-eats.

Because the good life can taste like anything you want.

Gastronomy in Santa Pola, between tradition and the Mediterranean

The Mediterranean legend covers everything in Santa Pola: the best paradigm of the Costa Blanca, where the calm of the sea has its most notable accent in the depths of the gorges. And let’s not forget the historic traces such as lighthouses, temples or medieval towers, which call the attention of the traveller who steps on Alicante’s lands.

With this background context, it is not surprising that its gastronomy reflects this calm, peaceful flavour. Where the way of eating, in the sun and with family, is just as important as what you eat. Eating is almost a ritual.

Among the outstanding dishes of Santa Pola, the products of the sea stand out: seafood and lots of fish accompanied by rice. Because, ladies and gentlemen, we are talking about the land of paella!

Santa Pola’s main products include salted fish, red prawn and fish with its own mark of protected designation of origin: the Peix of Santa Pola.

Tradition as a gastronomic hallmark

Gastronomy in Santa Pola is nothing new: it has its origins in the old fishing port, called Portus Illicitanus.

These unique specimens and the way they are marketed and served have created the Peix de Santa Pola label, a genre that can be found fresh every day in the city’s restaurants: from the most traditional and family-run to the most cutting-edge.

Because, if there is something that unites people in Santa Pola, it is undoubtedly gastronomy and the sea. And if it is both, all the better.

Where to eat in Santa Pola? An experience for the 5 senses

At Sonneil we never get tired of touring the Costa Blanca to offer you the best discoveries so that you can enjoy this land as it is deserved. That is why we will tell you below where to eat in Santa Pola, so that you can enjoy everything and not miss anything…

Nueva Casa del Mar, history on your plate

This restaurant, located in the middle of the port breeze, offers nothing less than the oldest rice recipe in the city.

Cooked over a low heat and in the traditional way, you can enjoy a good arroz a banda or fisherman’s rice, caldero fish, or rice with monkfish and vegetables, among other delicacies.

Mesón Cervantes, a unique setting

With this name, the images -and flavours- that come to mind are probably accurate: dishes inherited from the Iberian tradition.

Croquettes, clams, crunchy lobster appetizers or the specialty: Shrimp Villaroy with seafood cream sauce… We would continue to describe it, but we don’t want to give you too much of a whim. You better try it.

And you can’t leave Mesón Cervantes without ordering some croquettes, the best we have ever tasted… with permission from our grandmothers.

Capricho Bar, a gastronomic delicacy

In contrast to Mesón Cervantes we find Capricho Bar, which offers a more avant-garde touch. We highlight its tuna skewers or the mackerel dish -fresh and caught the same day- served with guacamole mousse, olives and red peppers… Could you possibly ask for more?

As you will see, these are just some of the must-try restaurants if you are wondering where to eat in Santa Pola. Although, as always, you will make your own discoveries by strolling along the coast, and then you can enjoy a good meal under the Mediterranean sun, with the breeze -and the flavour- of the sea at the centre of your experience.

And, if you discover a restaurant… will you tell us about it? Because the Mediterranean is meant to be shared.

What are you waiting for to immerse yourself in the magic of Santa Pola?

And if you want to enjoy the gastronomy of this area at any time, Sonneil offers you apartments in Santa Pola. So you can come back again and again.

What to do in Altea at night?

What to do in Altea at night?

Surely you know some of those ‘vampire people’, who become active at night as if the sun had just risen. Or maybe you’re one of them. If that’s the case, this post will interest you. In any case, dare to discover the charms of the nightlife! Because the good life never goes to sleep, discover what to do in Altea at night.

The edge of the Sierra Helada separates Altea from Benidorm and its two opposite worlds: on the one hand, the evening parties and karaokes of Benidorm nightlife, and on the other hand, there is Altea, which offers the calm of a Mediterranean town with the vibe of a leading tourist destination, but without hardly noticing it.

It is an unparalleled Mediterranean setting: narrow streets and warm night breezes. Altea is great for going out at night and letting yourself be surprised.

Do you want to know what to do in Altea at night? Today at Sonneil we are taking you on a tour through our favorite options… First round is on us! Are you in?

(And, if you love museums, here you can discover the top five museums on the Costa Blanca).

What to do in Altea at night? | Top Plans

Altea is just a short distance away from the bustling city of Benidorm. As the popular saying goes: Altea is for love while Benidorm is for partying.

Nothing could be further from the truth: Altea offers the opportunity to spend the night among its charming narrow streets… and, certainly, to breathe that fragrant salty breeze that comes in every night.

What’s the best part? Due to its size, in Altea you have everything at hand: whether it’s an intimate restaurant or a chill-out club. Unlike Benidorm, where this kind of place is usually on the outskirts, in Altea you only need to take a short walk to find different atmospheres… Could you possibly ask for more?

If you are wondering what to do in Altea at night, here are some options:

  • Enjoy a concert in the Palau de Altea: whether it is to see a symphony orchestra, a flamenco show or a ballet, this option is perfect if you are a culture lover. And, even if you are not, we also recommend this experience.
  • Night visit to the Castillo Conde de Alfaz. This impressive castle on the outskirts of Altea offers the experience of knowing all its secrets, stories and legends… at night. That’s right, you can even finish your visit with a meal in an authentic medieval style (cutlery, what for?). And, to top it all off, there is nothing better than a visit to the underground dungeon. Cozy, right?
  • Take a walk or, rather, get lost in the historic center of the city. We recommend you to go out without a plan and let yourself be guided by the lights and the cobbled alleys that will surely take you to an unexpected restaurant or bar. A mojito is always a good choice!
  • A night walk around the Plaza Mayor where you can also dance in one of the nearby clubs.
  • Try some craft beers at Cervezas Althaia. The craft beer boom has arrived in Altea, and this is the best place to enjoy this experience on the Costa Blanca: it is a small bar/shop, with an intimate and unique atmosphere where you can learn about the origin and process of the beer you have in your hand. Cheers!
  • Enjoy a good concert at the Rock & Roll House. And here we come to one of the must-see places if you’re wondering what to do in Altea at night: from live concerts to national and international DJ sessions… This is a must in Altea’s nightlife.
  • Spend a night in the purest Mediterranean style at La Mascarada. This magnificent place is located right at the church square, or Plaza de la Iglesia, in the old town. Our favorite part is the terrace. Because having a drink on a summer night is exactly how you imagine it: perfect. What’s the best part? They also organize open-air concerts.

Now you know what to do in Altea at night. Heading towards the magic of the Mediterranean is only up to you.

Altea and its calm setting are waiting for you to spend some unforgettable days.

«Altea the beautiful, a sea without fish, a mountain without wood, men without honour, women without modesty». Anonymous.

Do you want to come to the Costa Blanca? At Sonneil we offer you apartments in Altea. So you can have your own place in paradise.

Here you can keep on discovering the Costa Blanca. The good life is waiting for you!

What to do in Denia in winter

What to do in Denia in winter

Nothing but an average temperature of 18º C awaits you in Denia in winter.

In addition, tourism is less intense in the winter season, so it is the perfect occasion to enjoy it calmly. Whether it be diving, kayaking, hiking or simply trying the amazing Mediterranean Diet, Denia is a luxury also in winter. Because the sun does not stop shining on the Costa Blanca.

Do you want to know what to do in Denia in winter? Today, we share with you our favourite plans. Do not miss them!

What to do in Denia in winter | Top Plans

Get lost in the streets of Denia

Something as simple as walking can become a perfect plan in an unknown city: surprises hide in every corner. And Denia is not an exemption. Its harbour, the neighborhood of Baix la Mar and its sailor history, the Castle… Not to mention beaches such as the Marineta Cassiana or Las Marinas.

Ascend to Montgó

The views of the calm sea are altered by the sight of this peak. In Sonneil we suggest you follow one of the climbing routes to see part of the Costa Blanca from a bird’s eye view.

Tourism… also underwater

Water sports in winter? In Denia, it is absolutely possible! You just need to wear a good suit. You can enjoy the green meadows of its seabed, the color of fish and the clarity of its waters. A perfect destination for diving. Once on the surface, try kayaking or renting a boat. That’s the Mediterranean way of life!

Bike ride through Denia

If you wonder what to do in Denia in winter, bike rides are the perfect choice… Also, the routes are easy enough for the whole family to enjoy them.

Visit the Carved Cova

This impressive rock formation that seems taken from Game of Thrones is just a few kilometers from Denia, bordering Jávea.

The best part? In winter, not so many people come here, so… the landscape will be almost just for you. We suggest you arrive by kayak or canoe. Remember to bundle up so that you don’t get too cold.

Eat… in any season

Did you know that Denia’s cuisine is part of Unesco’s heritage? That’s right, as a creative city of gastronomy. With this in mind… there is little more to say! Taste is not seasonal. Nor is Denia’s astonishing rice!

Other plans to enjoy Denia in winter

  • Try the hiking trails that reach the Cape of San Antonio.
  • Stroll along the beaches of La Marina, Trampolí or Marineta.

These are just some of the options yo can do in Denia in winter. A perfec season, as you will see, to enjoy your holidays sheltered by the Mediterranean essence. Because not only in summer does the sun shine in this historic port city.

Whether to stroll through its untouched white streets going up and down, to see the castle in the background or to look down on the city from the Montgó… Denia is a place to visit, at least, once in a lifetime.

What are you waiting for to explore Denia? If you decide to choose Denia as one of your destinations to get away, Sonneil can offer you great apartments in Denia. Enjoy life and treat yourself with an apartment in Denia.