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Foreign television channels in Spain

Foreign television channels in Spain

When living in another country, any small detail that reminds you of your home country is important to maintain that connection that makes the transition easier.

In this sense, entertainment is an essential aspect, and many expatriates in Spain decide to connect to foreign television channels available in Spain. This is important if, for instance, you are not sufficiently fluent in Spanish to enjoy the local television programming.

For that reason, in today’s post we give you some tips so you can enjoy your country’s television networks… without leaving Spain. That’s how comfortable it is!

Because the good life is also channel-hopping!

Top| Foreign TV channels in Spain and around the world

Only about ten years ago, starting an adventure in a new country was a challenge: from looking for a house, to knowing the administrative process… Even the small details, such as looking for foreign TV channels in Spain, became an added challenge to the list of tasks.

However, thanks to the Internet, today there is the possibility of quickly accessing a large number of digital platforms, whether paid or unpaid official channels, in order to enjoy a large amount of television programmes. This way, you will not lose that part of your cultural connection with your home country, and you will also ease the transition to your family.

Here are some examples of foreign television channels in Spain… You can access them from the comfort of your computer!

Of course, do not stay stuck on the sofa and take time to discover the corners of the Spanish coast!

  • Netflix | The king of digital content. You will be able to access films, series and documentaries in your native language. This is a paid platform.
  • Amazon Prime Video | With an interface similar to Netflix, it offers the possibility of accessing a large amount of content through a subscription. What is the advantage? In Spain this service is not an extra, meaning that it is part of your Amazon subscription.
  • Film On TV | For the British, this platform allows access to English television, which means you can watch about 26 channels from your Google browser bar. Among them, you can watch BBC One, BBC Two, BBC News, CBBC, ITV1, Channel 4, E4, and Channel 5… You will be able to keep your distinguished British accent.
  • WatichBritish TV | An equally valid alternative to Film On TV.
  • Newton TV | The Netherlands are also present in Spain through this online platform that allows you to access Dutch free-to-air television channels.
  • PlayTv.fr | For the French, with PlayTv.fr you don’t need to say au revoir to your favourite content in French. Among the available channels, you can watch BFMTV, France 24, TV5Monde and Arte… egalité, fraternité and television: also from the comfort of your home in Spain.
  • France TV | The classic channels such as TF1, France 2, France 3 are also accessible from France TV.M6
  • Gulli is also an interesting option for the French free-to-air channels.
  • Sky TV or MyTVabroad | Two great digital platforms that offer you access to content in several languages.
  • Phoenix TV, Central China Television (CCTV) and Youko allow you to watch the main Chinese television channels from abroad.

In short, from the comfort of your browser you have access to a large number of foreign television channels in Spain, which will allow you to keep in touch with your home country. And it is always good to take a break after visiting, for instance, the most beautiful beach towns in Alicante.

Remember that, for some of them to work, it is necessary to have a VPN enabled, as some platforms have a blocking geolocator.

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Denia Beach: homes with Mediterranean Sea views

Denia Beach: homes with Mediterranean Sea views

We can’t stop thinking about everything we will do once we can enjoy life outdoors again. Going to the seaside to feel the sea breeze, swimming in the sea for the first time this year, sunbathing in the hammocks and toasting from the terrace of our homes with Mediterranean Sea views.

Would you like to do all this as well? Then, you need to know Denia Beach! Because the good life includes sea, light and your place in Spain.

Denia: a gem on the Costa Blanca

Denia is a small port city, yes. But don’t be fooled by its size. Denia has more than 2000 years of history, and Iberians, Phoenicians and Greeks lived in it. There must be a reason, right? The castle and the port are its hallmarks, as well as a gastronomy mmmm … to lick your fingers! Not surprisingly, UNESCO named it Creative City of Gastronomy in 2015.

Denia is like a secret garden, like that little lost gem that you suddenly find when you are looking for something else. It is the favorite destination of those who love sunlight, hiking, seafaring atmospheres… but also, enjoying a few hours on the beach. Denia is a small place, but it is also cosmopolitan.

The Costa Blanca is full of nearby paradises like Denia. Let’s visit them when everything is fine! Are you in? 🏖

Visiting the coast is great. Living it, is a luxury.

Denia Beach: this is what life facing the sea looks like

Nice, right?

At Sonneil, we constantly look for places with the vitality of Denia Beach. Places you can live and design in your own way, blank walls for you to create a new stage of your life while listening to the sound of the waves. 🌊 The homes with homes with Mediterranean Sea views of Denia Beach are perfect for that.

Homes where the light lives

Denia Beach is super special for five main reasons: 

  • The sea views. Imagine having your own piece of Mediterraneo in your terrace, waking up to the sound of the waves… it’s as good as it sounds, really!
  • Light is everywhere. Did you know we enjoy more than 300 sunny days a year in Costa Blanca? Houses here are designed with open spaces and big windows to let the light in. The living room and the open kitchen have access to the terrace, as well as the main bedroom.
  • Let us tell you a secret… the kitchen is our favourite part! For cooking lovers, this open kitchen with breakfast bar is a luxury. It has a column for integrated appliances. And you won’t keep your eyes off of the countertop finished in white silica! It is completely furnished and equipped with oven, ceramic hob and extractor hood. You just worry about choosing your first recipe! Those who prefer to be away from the stove will not resist this minimalist, elegant and contemporary design kitchen either. You can tell we love it, right?
  • There are houses for everyone! Are you moving with your family? Are you looking for an investment? No problem at all! There are homes with one, two or three bedrooms.
  • And, of course, the location! Denia Beach is a five minute walk to the beach and well connected to the center of Denia –and you can enjoy it in any season-. There are also supermarkets and restaurants within 500 meters. Although what we like most to know the environment is the bike path. You can also play a round of golf in Oliva Nova, a 15-minute drive away.

Relaxing in the common areas

Sharing is living. And, if it is in common areas such as Denia Beach’s, even more.

Forget about yoga and meditation. Denia Beach’s pool, pergolas and gardens are the best antidote to stress. Relax however you like. Maybe, feeling like Dustin Hoffman in The Graduate as you relax by the pool listening to Simon & Garfunkel. Or reading your favorite novel under the shade of the palm trees. 🌴

Look, look:

The construction of Denia Beach is increasingly advanced. The pool is filling up and the plants in the gardens are growing … only you are missing!

We can already see you enjoying the sunlight coming through the windows and the terraces with views of the Mediterranean.

We know that, at the moment, you cannot visit Denia Beach in person. But at Sonneil we want to make your life easier. Visit Denia Beach website and contact us to have all the information you need.

Because the good life is waiting for you. And we want to help you live it.

Routes through navigable rivers in Spain

Routes through navigable rivers in Spain

Adventure through the waterways in Spain

When the Romans entered the Iberian Península, they said it could be crossed without touching the ground: jumping from treetop to treetop or sailing through its rivers. Today, doing it seems somewhat more difficult, right? Even so, we can enjoy routes along navigable rivers in Spain and get to know places where – who knows? – the Romans may have picnicked.

We can do it in different ways and through more or less autonomous means. If you do not have a navigation permit, there are companies that provide multi-day cruises.

A few cruises or boat trips will take you on the back of the rivers through the depths of Spain, to get to know another different face to the coast. Do you want to know the best routes for navigable rivers in Spain?

Today at Sonneil we tell you our favorites… Are you coming? We don’t want to stop making plans for when the good life returns. 🙂

Top | Routes through navigable rivers in Spain

From the north to the south, the shape of some of the most important rivers in Spain, such as the Guadalquivir, the Duero, the Guadiana and the Ebro, allows their navigation. An opportunity to enjoy the rich landscapes of the Iberian Peninsula on board.

And, if you dare to try the open sea, here you have the best sailing clubs in Spain.

Ebro, untamed north

Among the navigable rivers in Spain, the rivers of the north offer an excellent way to immerse yourself in the landscapes of this areat of ​​Spain that is so far from the landscapes that the south offers.

Thus, the Ebro allows different navigable routes departing from several locations. From Zaragoza to Tortosa, you can embark on this adventure for freshwater pirates.

We recommend renting a boat in Riba-roja d’Ebre to embark on the tranquility of its waters.

And what can you see from your boat in the Ebro Delta? Rice fields, mouths to the sea, fruit trees, lagoons and reeds that hide magical sunsets.

Waterways in the south

Although there are a large number of navigable rivers in Spain, today at Sonneil we focus on those in the south, where the experience is different.

  • Sanlúcar de Barrameda, river adventure | At Real Fernando you can climb almost 15 out of 700 navigable kilometers to finish at the impressive Doñana Park. An authentic Biosphere Reserve and also UNESCO Heritage.
  • Guadalquivir, the viewpoint of Seville | In Seville, the Guadalquivir offers an impressive route on the back of a boat with companies like Croisi Europe, which offers multi-day cruises that depart from the Puerto de las Delicias to places like Jerez, Córdoba or El Puerto de Santa María.
  • Guadiana in Huelva | And almost in Portugal, through the Guadiana you can admire the transit landscape including National Parks or the Guadiana International Bridge: one of the longest in Spain.
Guadalquivir River as it passes through Seville. Santiago Lacarta.

As for the way to navigate, you can rent your own professional boat if you have the relevant permits. Otherwise, there are catamarans or boats at your disposal so that you can navigate autonomously and adapted to your knowledge and experience, they are easy to use.

On the other hand, if you want to spend a few days or a day without having to worry about anything, you can travel the navigable rivers in Spain aboard a cruise ship. You will have everything at your disposal: panoramic views, stops in the towns to enjoy gastronomy and even the opportunity to get to know the rivers from another perspective: through river adventure sports.

Oh! Another of our favorite experiences at sea is to visit the island of Tabarca. Do not miss it!

And if after the river adventure, you want to continue exploring Spain, at Sonneil we offer you exclusive homes to live the good life your own way.

The requirements to buy a house in Spain are simple. Living in the sun and breathing the Mediterranean is well worth it, don’t you think?

The best sailing clubs in Spain

The best sailing clubs in Spain

Smooth sailing at the best sailing clubs in Spain

Travelling and adventure sports shape —and unite— the spirit of free souls.

In this sense, sailing and water sports have a component of freedom and community that only the sea can offer.

Sailing clubs make it possible for sea enthusiasts to come together in one place. So they can share and nourish their passion.

If you like sailing, today at Sonneil we are pleased to introduce you to the best sailing clubs in Spain. Because the good life is about taking advantage of the favourable wind.

The best sailing clubs in Spain | Top Sonneil

The best sailing clubs in Spain are spread all over the territory, but today at Sonneil we will focus on those in the Mediterranean coast. They give you the chance to enjoy all the wonders that this sea has to offer from the water. Because there is a lot to discover on the Spanish coast.

One Ocean Port Vell, Barcelona cutting-edge technology for sailing

To talk about One Ocean Port Vell is to talk about luxury and exquisiteness, which enrich the experience not only of sailing, but also of sharing hobbies.

One Ocean Port Vell is among the most exclusive sailing clubs in Spain, where luxury does not mean opulence, but rather the opposite: preserving the essence of sailing, where everything is planned so that nothing is missing in your sea adventures.

Its building was part of the ’92 Olympics. Sounds great, doesn’t it?

Features of One Ocean Port Vell

  • A wellness area dedicated to physiotherapy, nutrition and osteopathy to take care of yourself before or after a sailing trip.
  • A 24-hour gym where you can get personalized training, equipped with machines with Technogym technology.
  • A port that allows the berthing of yachts up to 190 meters.

Real Club Náutico de Palma, tradition and prestige

With over half a century of history behind it, the Real Club Náutico de Palma in Palma de Mallorca is perhaps the most prestigious sailing club in Spain. And that is why it is chosen every year by the Spanish royal family to enjoy their sailing holidays.

The Real Club Náutico de Palma has welcomed and continues to welcome the elite of the sailing scene.

Thus, the Real Club Náutico de Palma not only offers one of the best infrastructures to practice this sport,  but is also a reference point when it comes to mobilizing and uniting the community, thanks to the regattas it organizes at an international level.

Named ‘Best Sailing Club in Spain’ in 1998, today it continues to be an international benchmark.

What’s the best part? Its location in the heart of the Mediterranean makes it possible to sail to islands and archipelagos that are true paradises, just a short distance away.

Features of the Real Club Náutico de Palma

  • Gymnasium equipped with all comforts.
  • Outdoor swimming pool for the summer months.
  • Heated indoor swimming pool with sea views.
  • Bar for exclusive use by members.
  • Restaurant offering fresh seafood and local cuisine.

Puerto Portals, Mediterranean glamour

Puerto Portals is a synonym for beauty and glamour. Because that’s what sailing clubs are for too. It is a reference and meeting point not only for sportsmen, but also for artists, politicians and celebrities who gather here.

Located in an old and humble fishing port, today Puerto Portals is a symbol of luxury on all four sides.

Features of Puerto Portals

  • Facilities that include a commercial area, a wellness centre and restaurants.
  • 700 berths.
  • Fashion boutiques.

And if you want to continue exploring Spain, not only from the sea, but also from the mainland, at Sonneil we offer you apartments in our exclusive developments so that you can come back, again and again, and wake up with the Mediterranean breeze.

And, after sailing, what about playing golf for a while?

Where to eat in Santa Pola

Where to eat in Santa Pola

There are so many choices when it comes to where to eat in Santa Pola, that we could create a blog just to talk about this. (Sure, we love talking about food).

The gastronomy of Santa Pola revolves around tradition, legend and the sea. Brothy seafood rice with the perfect texture, a clam chowder in front of the sea or one of the best croquettes that -we dare say- you have ever tasted in your life… These are just some of the wonders that you can enjoy in the land of the sun par excellence.

Do you want to know where to eat in Santa Pola? Today at Sonneil we take you on a tour of our must-eats.

Because the good life can taste like anything you want.

Gastronomy in Santa Pola, between tradition and the Mediterranean

The Mediterranean legend covers everything in Santa Pola: the best paradigm of the Costa Blanca, where the calm of the sea has its most notable accent in the depths of the gorges. And let’s not forget the historic traces such as lighthouses, temples or medieval towers, which call the attention of the traveller who steps on Alicante’s lands.

With this background context, it is not surprising that its gastronomy reflects this calm, peaceful flavour. Where the way of eating, in the sun and with family, is just as important as what you eat. Eating is almost a ritual.

Among the outstanding dishes of Santa Pola, the products of the sea stand out: seafood and lots of fish accompanied by rice. Because, ladies and gentlemen, we are talking about the land of paella!

Santa Pola’s main products include salted fish, red prawn and fish with its own mark of protected designation of origin: the Peix of Santa Pola.

Tradition as a gastronomic hallmark

Gastronomy in Santa Pola is nothing new: it has its origins in the old fishing port, called Portus Illicitanus.

These unique specimens and the way they are marketed and served have created the Peix de Santa Pola label, a genre that can be found fresh every day in the city’s restaurants: from the most traditional and family-run to the most cutting-edge.

Because, if there is something that unites people in Santa Pola, it is undoubtedly gastronomy and the sea. And if it is both, all the better.

Where to eat in Santa Pola? An experience for the 5 senses

At Sonneil we never get tired of touring the Costa Blanca to offer you the best discoveries so that you can enjoy this land as it is deserved. That is why we will tell you below where to eat in Santa Pola, so that you can enjoy everything and not miss anything…

Nueva Casa del Mar, history on your plate

This restaurant, located in the middle of the port breeze, offers nothing less than the oldest rice recipe in the city.

Cooked over a low heat and in the traditional way, you can enjoy a good arroz a banda or fisherman’s rice, caldero fish, or rice with monkfish and vegetables, among other delicacies.

Mesón Cervantes, a unique setting

With this name, the images -and flavours- that come to mind are probably accurate: dishes inherited from the Iberian tradition.

Croquettes, clams, crunchy lobster appetizers or the specialty: Shrimp Villaroy with seafood cream sauce… We would continue to describe it, but we don’t want to give you too much of a whim. You better try it.

And you can’t leave Mesón Cervantes without ordering some croquettes, the best we have ever tasted… with permission from our grandmothers.

Capricho Bar, a gastronomic delicacy

In contrast to Mesón Cervantes we find Capricho Bar, which offers a more avant-garde touch. We highlight its tuna skewers or the mackerel dish -fresh and caught the same day- served with guacamole mousse, olives and red peppers… Could you possibly ask for more?

As you will see, these are just some of the must-try restaurants if you are wondering where to eat in Santa Pola. Although, as always, you will make your own discoveries by strolling along the coast, and then you can enjoy a good meal under the Mediterranean sun, with the breeze -and the flavour- of the sea at the centre of your experience.

And, if you discover a restaurant… will you tell us about it? Because the Mediterranean is meant to be shared.

What are you waiting for to immerse yourself in the magic of Santa Pola?

And if you want to enjoy the gastronomy of this area at any time, Sonneil offers you apartments in Santa Pola. So you can come back again and again.

Olive Oil Tourism. Get to know the Spanish olive oil up close.

Olive Oil Tourism. Get to know the Spanish olive oil up close.

Olive oil is becoming increasingly important for agrotourism in Spain. Knowing how an olive oil mill works, buying directly from the producer, tasting handmade liquid gold…

Spain has 30 Denominations of Origin for olive oil and is the world’s leading producer with nearly 340 million olive trees. In addition, natural antioxidants and fatty acids make it a very healthy food.

Here are some of the best tours in the Valencian Community and Andalusia. The good life in Spain has a special flavour.

(If you combine this plan with a tour of the traditional ceramic producers, you have the perfect plan!).

Olive oil in the Valencian Community

The Mediterranean climate of this area of Spain is perfect for olive growing and agrotourism. Morruda, Cornicabra, Arbequina, Blanqueta… Relax, these are just some varieties of olives and, if you pay attention, you will be able to try them all.

Rontonar Mill 

In the hillside of the Sierra de Aitana, in Alicante, you will find the perfect environment for Rontonar’s organic olive oil. At 800 meters above sea level, the Mediterranean climate provides a characteristic taste to the liquid gold of this area.

Alfafarenca, Mançanella and Blanqueta are the varieties grown here. In addition, the Slow Food project in Valencia supports its production to avoid the extinction of this food, caring about workers’ livelihoods and farming systems.

We love it because they don’t use any synthetic chemicals or artificial irrigation. As natural as life itself.

Peset Mill

Peset’s oil is special: it is the only company in the world that recovers abandoned millenary olive trees. That alone makes them worth visiting, don’t you think? Oh! As if that weren’t enough, they also have the largest olive tree in the world.

They extract oil of the Farga variety, which is of limited production, from the 150 trees that have been recovered. More than 2,000 years later, the mill continues to give life to the antique oil brought by the Phoenicians and the Greeks.

We love the tasting room in the natural heart of Traiguera, in Baix Maestrat. As a bonus, stay at the Thiar Julia house. Even Philip II of Spain chose this place to stay!

El Tendre

This mill in Elche (Alicante) is only 6 km away from the Mediterranean sea and was founded in 1839. Six generations have worked to keep it alive. Although it uses the latest technology for production, this company remains faithful to traditional production techniques.

The Oil Museum of this company is a perfect place for learning. Antique utensils, presses, tradition… El Tendre olive oil brings all this together. All you need to do is taste it… Try and resist buying all the bottles!

Olive oil in Andalusia

Andalusia has twelve protected designations of origin for its olive oils. Andalusian olive groves are a hallmark of the area. Not tasting the Andalusian olive oil should be a crime!

LA Organic Experience

Olive oil can also be modern. LA Organic Experience, in Ronda (Málaga), defines itself as “an experiential, sustainable and gastronomic olive oil tourism project. It makes you want to experience it, doesn’t it?

You will spend forty-five minutes in a guided tour through 26 hectares of land, getting to know the natural environment with a luxury ending: an organic oil tasting. Don’t miss out on any variety of liquid gold!

What’s the best part? You can stay at the Cortijo Los Azules. Relaxation was invented here.

Begíjar Mill 

The olive groves of Jaén are the best representation of olive oil in Spain. And what better way to get to know them than by becoming an olive grower for a day? A lot of bread seasoned with olive oil is guaranteed as a reward.

In the town of Begíjar you will find Oleícola San Francisco. It was the first touristic olive oil mill in Andalusia and has already received more than 30,000 visitors from around 50 countries.

Wear comfortable clothes, use traditional tools and experience the work of olive growers in the olive grove. You will see that production of oil in Jaén has a lot of work behind it. This activity is done during the harvest months, from October to January, so you still have time to get ready!

Molino del Hortelano Olive Oil Mill

In the Antequera region you will find this mill that preserves an old stone mill from the 18th century. The Cabello Montiel family produces a high quality extra virgin olive oil.

What we like most about the visit is the ‘desayuno molinero’ or ‘miller breakfast’. Grilled toasted bread + local oil. What more do you need?

Afterwards, you can enjoy a walk in the natural surroundings, such as the viewpoint of the Zambra Tower, an Arab watchtower from the 12th century.

As you can see, Spanish olive oil is much more than just a salad dressing. Can you imagine living near these mills and taking an olive oil tour whenever you want? At Sonneil we offer you exclusive homes in the best areas of Malaga and Alicante.

Continue discovering the Costa del Sol and the Costa Blanca in our blog.