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Importing a car into Spain: this is how it is done

Importing a car into Spain: this is how it is done

When it comes to moving to a new country, moving your car can cause more than a headache. What formalities do I have to go through? What taxes do I have to pay? Which companies can arrange transportation for my car?

We will try to answer all these questions. Because sometimes the good life goes on wheels to run smoothly. 🚗

Procedures for importing a car into Spain

Bureaucracy is indeed a drag, but it is also necessary. Follow these steps to get all the paperwork in order and the process will be much more efficient.

Gathering the vehicle’s documentation

To import a car into Spain, you must have all the documentation in order. The documents you need are:

  • Sales contract. If you purchased it from a private individual, make sure you ask for a photocopy of their passport, telephone number and place of residence. If you bought it from a dealer, as is usually the case, the invoice must contain the company’s VAT number.
  • Vehicle data sheet. This is like the car’s identity card, and is issued, authorised and supervised by the Ministry of Industry. It contains the approval certificate, the owner’s ID number, the make, version, model and trade name of the vehicle, the license plate, tyre dimensions, car dimensions, maximum authorized mass, engine characteristics, VIN, number of seats and tare weight.
  • Certificate of conformity, attesting that the car passes the MOT test in the country of origin.
  • Photocopy of the seller’s passport or identity card and contact details. If you are a foreigner, you must obtain an official sworn translation.

Transporting the car

Once you have purchased the car and obtained all the documents we have just mentioned, you are ready for the last step: transporting it to Spain. This is where economic and logistical criteria come in. You might want to bring it yourself if you come from the European Union. Another option is to transport it by truck or boat. It all depends on the conditions they offer you, but we do advise you to negotiate as much as possible with the shipping company so that costs do not go through the roof.

But do not let this deter you. It is worth enjoying the paradises on the Spanish coast by making a road trip.

Importing a car into Spain

Passing the ITV, the Spanish equivalent of the MOT test

Good! Your car has arrived safely in Spain. Congratulations! The hardest part is over. Now it is time to pass the Spanish MOT or ITV so that it is considered fit to circulate on our roads.

To pass this test, you must provide the following documents:

  • Proof of vehicle ownership
  • Proof of payment of fees and taxes
  • Driver’s license of the owner
  • Vehicle insurance policy
  • Vehicle data sheet

Associated taxes

That is right, to import a car into Spain it is also necessary to pay taxes. There are not many of them, but the important thing is to be aware of their existence:

  • Registration tax on foreign vehicles. It corresponds to Form 576.
  • VAT for new vehicles or the Property Transfer Tax for second hand ones. If your car is from outside the EU, you will not pay VAT or PPT, but rather the SAD or Single Administrative Document, which is a tax on the entry into the country of an imported good.
  • Circulation tax, which varies depending on the Town Hall where you are registered.
  • Expenses associated with the change of ownership, so that the car is in your name. This is done at the Directorate-General for Traffic (DGT).

Good! Now it is officially YOUR CAR!

Register the vehicle

If the car does not have European plates, you will have to register it in Spain and change the plates. And of course pay the registration fee.

You will have to make an appointment at the Traffic Headquarters (Jefatura de Tráfico) of the place where you are registered and present the following documents:

  • The regulatory application form, available at the Traffic Headquarters.
  • Your NIE and proof of address.
  • Original and photocopy of the proof of payment of the municipal vehicle tax (municipal tax on mechanical traction vehicles or IVTM) and the registration tax (special tax on certain means of transport), both available at the Traffic Headquarters.
  • Proof of payment of VAT in the country of origin.
  • Invoice for the purchase of the vehicle.
  • Certificate of conformity provided by the manufacturer.

Do not worry, if everything is in order, carrying out all this will be a piece of cake. If you want to know more about the procedures that must be carried out when moving to Spain and living here we tell you all about it in our blog.

As you know, at Sonneil we want to help you live the good life on the Mediterranean coast. The sun, the light and the sea are waiting for you.

How to recycle in Spain. This is how we take care of our environment.

How to recycle in Spain. This is how we take care of our environment.

As you know, we at Sonneil are lovers of the good life. This includes respecting the landscape and the places we live in. Waste recycling is essential to accomplish this.

Today we give you the opportunity to learn how to recycle in Spain so that our seas, mountains, rivers… stay clean and healthy. Because there is much to discover on our coast.

Types of recyclable waste

We consume a lot of packaged products every day. From the sliced bread at breakfast to the glass of milk before bed. The ideal is to buy as much as possible in bulk to generate less waste.

In any case, if you want to know how to recycle in Spain, good news is we can recycle almost all the packaging we use. We tell you which ones:

  • PET plastics. These are the plastics used for water or soft drink bottles. It is very easy to recycle them and thus we prevent them from ending up in our oceans. It takes about 450 years for a bottle to disappear! Not to mention other plastic packaging such as bags of chips and other snacks, caps and lids, plastic bags, yogurt cups…
  • HDPE plastics. It is high-density polyethylene, which is used to make bottles of detergent, bleach, shampoo… Although it is true that we can use them for longer periods than PET bottles, that does not mean that they cannot be recycled!
  • Tetrapak cartons. Tetrapak containers are everywhere. Juice, milk… even wine! 
  • Aluminium. The best thing about aluminium is that it is 100% recyclable and does not lose its qualities. So do not hesitate and recycle all the cans you use (soda cans, food tins…). Just make sure you crush them first.
  • Paper and cardboard. Newspapers, magazines, shoe boxes, notebooks… The best thing about recycling paper is that it helps reduce the exploitation of natural resources. The trees (and your health) will thank you. Let’s keep the air clean!
  • Glass. Bottles, jars, pots… glass can be completely recycled as many times as required. In addition to recycling, do not forget that glass is also great for reuse, since it is easily washed and can be repurposed as a vase, a container for bulk food…

Choose the right container

We already know which materials and packaging can be recycled. Now it is time to visit the bins and, most importantly, to know in which one we should deposit our waste. It is very easy! Check it out:


Contenedor amarillo | Ecoembes Dudas del reciclaje

Watch out! Note that only containers may be placed in this bin. They must be plastic containers, bottles, tetrapaks or cans. These bins have been on the streets of Spain for 20 years now, but still a third of the population does not know very well how to use them. 

Here is a list of things you can thrown into the yellow bin:

  • Plastic bottles
  • Tins
  • Plastic, tin or metal caps and plugs
  • Aluminium trays
  • Tin foil and aluminium foil
  • Aerosols
  • Deodorant spray cans
  • Plastic bags (except garbage bags)
  • Yogurt pots and lids
  • Tetrapaks: milk, juice, soup, etc.
  • White foam trays
  • Toothpaste tubes

Do not assume that any plastic object is deposited here. Use the non-recyclable waste bin if you have to throw away toys, baby bottles, kitchen utensils, lunch boxes, aluminium coffee capsules, silicone cooking moulds… 


Contenedor azul | Ecoembes Dudas del reciclaje

The blue bin is simpler than the yellow one, because only paper and cardboard can be deposited in it. Easy, right? We recommend that you fold the boxes before throwing them away so that they take up less space. 

The most common paper and cardboard wastes are:

  • Food containers
  • Shoe boxes
  • Frozen product packaging
  • Wrapping paper
  • Used sheets of paper 

The most common mistake we make with the blue bin is depositing tetrapaks in it because we mistake them for cardboard. But that is not the case! Tetrapaks always go in the yellow bin because they are made of cardboard, plastic and aluminium. If you throw away dirty napkins or papers, remember that they go in the organic waste container, as they are impregnated with other substances.


How to recycle in Spain

It often seems easy to know what to throw in the green bin, right? We all know what glass is… But nothing could be further from the truth!

Very often we mistake glass for crystal, and end up depositing objects in this bin that should not go here. Avoid throwing light bulbs (they should be taken to your local recycling centre), mirrors, ashtrays, drinking glasses, dishes… and stick to this:

  • Glass bottles (wine, champagne…)
  • Glass flasks (such as perfume or cologne containers)
  • Food jars (jams, preserves, etc.)

Spain is one of the countries with more green bins per capita. Let’s make the most of them!


How to recycle in Spain

You may never have seen a brown container, and not all Autonomous Communities have them. If you are lucky enough to have one close to home, you should know that these are the bins where you should deposit your organic waste.

This bin was created as a complement to the grey bin in order to group waste that can be composted and used as a fertilizer or energy generator, such as:

  • food scraps (fruit skins, fish bones, plants, eggshells…)
  • used napkins and kitchen towels


How to recycle in Spain

Now that you have separated all types of recyclable waste, the waste you have left is the waste that cannot be recycled or used to make compost. This type of waste is deposited in the grey bin. Toys, baby bottles, pacifiers, kitchen utensils, nappies, ceramic objects, sanitary towels, pet litter, hair, dust, cigarette butts… simple!

Local recycling centre

How to recycle in Spain

The local recycling centre is largely unknown, and unfortunately we do not visit it as often as we should. It is used for waste that cannot be placed in conventional containers due to its large size or dangerous nature. This waste is stored temporarily in these recycling centres, which can be:

  • Permanent. They are always in the same location and are of large dimensions.
  • Suburban. Smaller than permanent centres, they are close to the neighbourhood.
  • Mobile. A specialized vehicle approaches small areas to collect the waste. 

You can check the recycling centres near your place of residence here.

We hope that this article will help you know how to recycle in Spain and take care of the environment. If we all do our part, the wonderful paradises on the Spanish coast will remain healthy for a long time and at Sonneil we will be able to help you discover them.

Life on the coast: Gran Canet Residencial, a privilege on the Valencian Coast

Life on the coast: Gran Canet Residencial, a privilege on the Valencian Coast

These last months have served us to value even more the nature, the outdoors and the small paradises that surround us. That is why we know that life on the coast is a luxury.

Being just a stone’s throw from the beach, taking morning walks along the shore, swimming in the late afternoon… If that sounds good to you too, you should visit Gran Canet Residencial in Canet de Berenguer! Because the good life includes golfing, sunlight and your own place on the Spanish coast. ☀

Canet de Berenguer: the best beach in Spain

Canet de Berenguer is where the Valencian coast and the Costa del Azahar come together. With 1250 metres of coastline, more than 300 days of sunshine a year and an average annual temperature of 17ºC, Canet de Berenguer is a privileged municipality just 20 kilometres from Valencia.

What can we say about Canet? We will always fall short. Its fine and soft sand, the clear sea bed, the range of dunes… The beach of Canet de Berenguer has been awarded the prize for the best beach in Spain for two consecutive years, based on the votes of the viewers of Antena 3 Noticias, and it obtains the Blue Flag every year. It is one of the most spectacular beaches in the Valencian Community, we kid you not!

In addition, the Sierra Calderona and the Sierra de Espadán Natural Parks are ideal for hiking and quad biking. Canet is sure to win you over with its wide range of cuisine. Our favourite thing to do is to have some eggs and prawns after a walk in the port.

The Spanish coast is full of paradises. Who would not want to live in a place like this?

Homes for the privileged

Living in Gran Canet Residencial is a privilege. Do you know why?

  • The first reason is the greatest luxury: to be a neighbour of the sea. Can you imagine waking up and feeling the breeze and the sound of the sea? The panoramic views from the terrace will welcome you to a new day and it will be hard to resist a morning swim. Only a short walk separates you from Canet beach. A quick coffee and then off to the water! All the homes in Gran Canet Residencial have terraces from 17 to 193m².
  • As if that were not enough, natural light is a guaranteed feature. On the Valencian Coast we have more than 300 days of sunshine a year. And believe us, it shows. The homes are designed so that the light reaches every corner. The spaces are wide and open. The living areas have been designed with large windows thinking about life looking at the horizon. They are perfectly connected to the terrace, and that indoor-outdoor connection allows you to enjoy the Mediterranean sea without moving from your sofa. Because the outdoors can also be found indoors!
  • In addition, in Gran Canet Residencial there is no room for boredom. Do you like spending weekends at the swimming pool? Or maybe spending afternoons at the spa? We would spend endless hours reading under the shade of the palm trees. You can choose from over 7,600 m2 of exclusive common areas with a gym, paddle tennis courts, garden areas, a beach-type entry to the pool and a children’s pool, a solarium, a multipurpose room, a spa with a sauna, water jets and hydromassage areas… and our favourite area: the exclusive terrace on the 20th floor, with a gastrobar area and an infinity pool. As you can see, Gran Canet Residencial is much more than a home!
  • And, as we know that everyone needs a different type of home, Gran Canet Residencial has it all: this exclusive complex consisting of 2 towers of 20 stories offers 36 different types of homes of 1, 2, 3 and 4 bedrooms adapted to any need. Independence, family life, a safe investment… And everything is designed for your comfort. The kitchen is equipped with designer furniture and top brand appliances, as well as a quartz worktop, an extractor hood and a glass-ceramic hob. All you have to worry about is picking out the next recipe! The bathrooms are also equipped with porcelain toilets, a non-slip shower tray and a fixed screen. The main bedrooms have their own bathroom and direct access to the terrace. You do not think that is good enough? There are also built-in wardrobes, hot/cold air conditioning throughout the house, underfloor heating in bathrooms, home automation installation… and each home has a garage and a storage room.
  • Last but not least, we know that Gran Canet Residencial is your place. Because it is just a few minutes away from the best beach in Spain, because in 25 minutes you can be in Valencia and enjoy its architecture and culture, or take a boat ride in the Albufera. And why not get to know Spanish olive oil up close? Not to mention the live music and the summer craft markets, the night of San Juan and its bonfires, the green areas, parks and recreation areas or days of sailing, canoeing or fishing in the yacht club. Canet de Berenguer is a symbol of fun, sport, tranquillity, nature and culture. A Mediterranean paradise to be discovered. We do not ask for anything else.
life on the coast
Valencia’s Albufera

The construction works at Gran Canet Residencial are progressing and we are looking forward to letting you experience for yourself what it is like to live on the Valencian Coast. If that sounds good to you, imagine being there!

We can already picture you enjoying the sunlight coming in through the windows and the terraces overlooking the unique Mediterranean sea.

If you feel up to it, you can visit us at our sales office. In any case, at Sonneil we want to make your life easier, so you can visit the Gran Canet website and contact us for any information you might need.

Because the good life is waiting for you. At Sonneil we want to help you live it.

Blue Flag beaches: the best in Spain

Blue Flag beaches: the best in Spain

We all knew that Spain’s wonderful beaches have no reason to envy the Caribbean’s. But becoming the country with the most Blue Flag beaches in the world is even better!

In case you are not quite sure about what this means, in this post we explain what the Blue Flag is and why it is so important to qualify beaches. Whenever you see this flag, be sure you are on a special beach!

Do you want to know our favorite Blue Flag beaches? Then, keep reading. 😉

Top Blue Flag beaches in Spain

Choosing is difficult. We would do a tour of each and every one of the Spanish beaches! But if we are to recommend, we beg you do not miss the following beaches in the Valencia region and Malaga’s Costa del Sol. You will never want to leave.

The best beaches in Valencia region

Valencia region has a preferred position in this list, since it leads the national ranking with 134 Blue Flags on its beaches. Among them, those on Alicante’s Costa Blanca are the most awarded in the entire Iberian Peninsula, with no less than 73 Blue Flag beaches.

These are the ones we like the most:

  • Racó del Mar, in Canet de Berenguer. Dune chains, ecological value, 1,250 meters long, fine sand and chosen as the best beach in Spain in two consecutive years.
  • Les Deveses, in Denia. Three kilometers length and the furthest from the Denia town center, which maintains its natural essence at 100%. There is also a windsurfing school!
  • Cap Blanch, in Altea. Most impressive are its waters, which almost look like glass. You can choose between fine gravel and bowling, and it never becomes overcrowded. Yes, Altea is our weakness…
  • Sant Joan, in Alicante. The quintessential Alicante beach, full of life and seven kilometers long! Beach volleyball, soccer goals, water sports … Boredom does not exists here.
  • La Cala, in Finestrat. This cove is a little gem with very calm, warm and crystalline waters. And it is only three kilometers from Benidorm.

Extra: these are the most beautiful beach towns in Alicante.

Cap Blanch, Altea

The best beaches on the Costa del Sol

Malaga’s coast is the apple of our eyes. We feel weak for its light, the joy of its people and those fresh waters that welcome us every summer. Malaga is the province of Andalusia that got the most Blue Flags this year, with 23 in total, so you can imagine the quality of its beaches.

We cannot spend the summer without visiting these:

  • Arroyo Vaquero, in Estepona. This beach is special for its tranquility and its vegetation. And also for being a great destination for divers. And you can feel free to practice nudism. Arroyo Vaquero is pure nature.
  • La Cala, in Mijas Costa. Also known as the Butibamba, it is a narrow beach with calm waters. Walking along its promenade and finishing with a bath is a luxury.
  • Casablanca, in Marbella. This beach has everything you need. Whether you are looking for sports, relax, a family day… you will find it here. The palm trees give it a different touch and its golden sand is always pristine.

Extra: what better way to end a day at the beach than with a visit to the golf course? Costa del Sol’s are the best.

Estepona’s waters

There are many more extraordinary beaches apart from these, so now it’s up to you to make your own list with the wonders of Spain’s coasts.

But life is not only about beaches! The Costa Blanca and the Costa del Sol are full of small paradises to discover.

At Sonneil, we want you to live the good life in the best areas of Spain. Are you in?

Living in Altea: Solmarina in Altea Hills, the most exclusive area

Living in Altea: Solmarina in Altea Hills, the most exclusive area

We are so looKing forward to enjoying the Mediterranean again…! Breathing the sea breeze, more than 300 sunny days a year, listening to the sound of the waves and the mountains… We are already making plans to return as soon as we can, and what better way to do it than moving to Altea?

Does that sound good to you too? Then, you must check out Solmarina homes in Altea Hills! Because the good life includes sea, sunlight and your place in Spain. ☀

Altea: Alicante’s gem

Living in Altea is a luxury. Stranded on the rock, this small town stands the test of time. Altea always has its place in the lists of the most beautiful towns in Spain, and its charm lies in its white facades and the way houses rise in front of the sea.

Altea is full of magic. Let yourself go and stroll up and down the cobbled streets of the old town, full of flowers and picturesque corners. Altea has a bohemian character that can be seen in its flea markets and craft shops.

Its beaches are not overcrowded and are ideal for relaxation and disconnection. And natural landscapes such as the Sierra de Bernia or the Sierra Helada Natural Park are the perfect option for hiking lovers. To build up energy, what better than going for a rice with beans and local octopus.

Altea is a small place, but you will be amazed at what it has to offer. 🏖

Solmarina in Altea Hills: sea and mountains at home

These are Solmarina homes in Altea Hills, one of the most special areas of Altea, surrounded by nature and well-being.

  • Any description of the views from Solmarina falls short. This is why it is the most exclusive area in ​​the bay of Altea. On one side, the sea. On the other, the mountains. The views will make the terrace your favorite place. They are up to 53 square meters. Be careful, you run the risk of getting obsessed!
  • Exclusivity also means comfort. At Solmarina, you have both. Homes stand out for their excellent constructive qualities and their careful care in the finishes. In addition, bathrooms are equiped and the kitchen is furnished with low cabinets and upper shelves, quartz worktop, ceramic hob, oven, extractor hood and taps. There is also a ducted air conditioning installation. And all the homes here have a garage and storage room. As you can see, worries are les when living in Sol Marina.
  • We know that everyone needs a different kind of home, adapted to their needs and future plans. SolMarina complex consists of five blocks and you can choose between 25 homes -some of them on two floors- with 2 and 3 bedrooms, to live the life you are looking for. As a family, as a couple, a relaxed retirement… And for moments of rest, what better than the landscaped common areas and swimming pools for adults and children. Mondays are more bearable this way!
  • Why choosing, when you can have it all? At Solmarina, relax and fun go hand in hand. Altea Hills is the ideal place to breathe pure mountain air and get surrounded with greenery. And if you feel like moving, you will be on the beach in a few minutes, or in the Campomanes marina or the Altea Golf course… or having a good time in any of the local entertainment and dining establishments. Valencia and Alicante are about 100 kilometers away. Try and get on the road to be amazed by the landscapes of this part of the Mediterranean.
  • Do you know the best part? Solmarina homes are already built, so everything is ready to receive you. Forget about waiting. The keys to a new life are already looking for an owner!

When it comes to starting a new stage in your life, what better tan doing it in a luxury home in the bay of Altea?

living in Altea

We are looking forward for you to experiencing for yourself what it is like to live in the middle of nature on the Costa Blanca.

We can already see you enjoying the sunlight coming through the windows and the terraces with sea views.

If you feel like it, you can visit us in our sales office. Likewise, at Sonneil we want to make your life easier, so you can learn more by visiting our website and contacting us to have all the information you need.

Because the good life is waiting for you. And at Sonneil we want to help you live it.

Living on a golf course on the Costa del Sol? Doral Golf is your best bet!

Living on a golf course on the Costa del Sol? Doral Golf is your best bet!

The return to normality is gradually happening, and we are looking forward to playing some golf again as soon as we can. Green grass, good weather, friends, the breeze from the coast… We are so eager that we want to move and live on a golf course in the Costa del Sol!

Does that sound good to you too? Then, you need to know Doral Golf Residences in Estepona! Because the good life includes golfing, sunlight and your own place in Spain.

Estepona: culture, history, sea and golf

Estepona has no less than16 kilometres of pedestrian streets and 21 kilometres of coastline. You can choose between long beaches or small hidden coves. Estepona’s bathing areas are popular for their excellent state of conservation. Walking around them is also a pleasure. The town’s renovation has turned it into a collageof bougainvilleas, flower pots and white facades. Our favourite area is Calle Sevilla, which has the tower of the Nuestra Señora de los Remedios church in the background.

If you like to get around, you should know that the hiking trails winding through the natural areas of Estepona are extraordinary. You can go on foot, by bike, or even on horseback. You have over 174 kilometres of natural surroundings to choose from. The Phoenicians, the Romans and the Arabs are part of the history of Estepona. This interweaving of cultures continues to this day and is reflected, for instance, in the Muslim watchtowers on the coast.

In addition, if you like sports, in Estepona you can practice all kinds of activities, from water sports, such as wind-surfing, surfing and sailing, to playing in the ubiquitous golf courses. Take a look at all the golf courses on the Costa del Sol, the paradise for golfers all year round!

The Costa del Sol is full of earthly paradises like Estepona. Are you up to visiting them when everything is fine? 🏖

Visiting the coast is great. Living there is a privilege.

A golf course on the Costa del Sol just for you

Who would not want to live here?

The places we choose at Sonneil are full of vitality. They are optimistic, accessible, and give rise to multiple possibilities. Homes that you can design and enjoy in your own way, shaping your new life, whatever it may be. Bear in mind that nature and good weather are shared with everyone. ☀ Doral Golf homes are perfect for this combination.

Homes for light; homes for you

We could dedicate an entire blog to Doral Golf homes, but we have chosen the top five reasons why we are obsessed with this development. So what do you think?

  • Obviously, golf. Do you want to golf as much as we do? The Costa del Sol has the best golf clubs in the world. What’s better than getting back to the course right next to home? Doral Golf Residences are in the heart of Estepona Golf, known for its well presented and wide fairways. Its greens are the envy of the other courses on the coast. A piece of toast, a cup of coffee and off you go! As if that were not enough, the golf courses of Valle Romano, Doña Julia and Finca Cortesin are a ten minute drive away. You better start praying, Tiger.
  • Green, green, green. If something characterizes Doral Golf Residences is the surroundings and the views. We love nature and that is why we want you to live surrounded by it. At Doral Golf, outdoor spaces are the protagonists. The good weather on the Costa del Sol deserves it! Here, we look for the indoor-outdoor connection, with large windows in the homes to make the most of natural light. The garden areas are perfect for your morning or evening walks, always surrounded by vegetation. Breathing the air in this area of Estepona should be prescribed by doctors!
  • What home do you need? We know that everyone needs a different type of home, adapted to their needs and future plans. Therefore, the Doral Golf Residences homes are designed to give you what you are looking for. Independence, family life, a relaxed retirement… There are 79 homes with 1, 2, 3 and 4 bedrooms to choose from. All the houses have spacious rest rooms, as well as a kitchen furnished and equipped with a telescopic hood, oven, microwave and ceramic hob and built with the highest quality materials. Individual hot and cold air conditioning system, fitted wardrobes, double glazing, armored access door… Everything has been designed to give you the life you are looking for.
  • Just relax. You deserve it. We all get stressed out sometimes. But coping with stress by swimming in the pool or taking a nap in the solarium sounds pretty good, doesn’t it? The garden areas and the communal swimming pool overlooking the golf course are the perfect place to forget about any problems, even if is just for a little while.
  • Costa del Sol is your place. The coast of Malaga is internationally known for its quality of life, its more than 300 days of sunshine a year and the small paradises that make it up. Can you imagine living here? In addition to the days spent golfing, you can enjoy beaches and coves for all tastes very close to your home: Arroyo Baquero Beach, Bahía Dorada Beach and La Galera Beach. But why not visiting places that seem to have been taken out of a painting? White villages like Frigiliana, the impressive Malaga… all accompanied by an irresistible gastronomy based on fish and vegetables. We will never get tired of Malaga espetos (fresh sardines, skewered and cooked over a pit of coals).
golf course on the Costa del Sol
Alcazaba castle, Malaga

The works at Doral Golf will start soon and we’d love for you to experience life on Costa del Sol for yourself!

We can already see you enjoying the sunlight coming in through the windows and the terraces overlooking the golf course.

If you feel like it, you can visit us in our sales office. Likewise, at Sonneil we want to make your life easier, so you can visit the Doral Golf website and contact us to have all the information you need.

Because the good life is waiting for you. And at Sonneil we want to help you live it.