The way we live and work is constantly changing. Spaces are becoming flexible environments that allow us to adapt them to the needs of the moment, and the boundary between home and office is blurring. In this context, new solutions are emerging that challenge traditional concepts. One of them is coliving, a way of living that is gaining more and more popularity. In this article we explain what coliving is and discover its advantages and how it works.

What is coliving?

Coliving is a real estate term that can be translated as “cohabitation” or “co-living”. Therefore, the basis of coliving is sharing your place of residence with other people. It is a residential solution that has become increasingly popular in recent years in response to the difficulties faced by certain groups in finding affordable housing.

In essence, coliving is a way of living in which several adults (not to be confused with a student residence or a hostel) share a house and common spaces with an ingredient of collaboration and community life. Unlike traditional rental or individual property, coliving manages to generate an atmosphere of community and companionship in which everyone collaborates and contributes their bit.

Coliving what it is

How does coliving work?

The way a coliving works is very simple. Although there are different types and you can choose the one that best suits what you are looking for, in general it is about renting a room, usually with a private bathroom -and some even with a kitchen-, in a building or house. This space is rented directly to the coliving management company. We could say that it is a system between residences, shared apartments and conventional rentals.

But the most remarkable aspect of coliving is the use of shared spaces. These residences stand out for having all kinds of common services for the residents. For example, cleaning, internet connection, maintenance of the facilities, laundry service… and spaces such as coworking areas, offices, sports courts, gym, cinema room… Thus, those who rent a room in a coliving only need their suitcase and do not have to worry about anything else. In addition, coliving usually offers flexible and short-term rental options.

Another important aspect of well-functioning coliving is communication. Residents should inform everyone of any problems or discomfort that arises in the coliving, so that everyone together can make collective decisions. It is essential not to leave anyone on the sidelines and to learn to build strong and lasting relationships among residents.

Advantages of coliving

Behind the growing fame of coliving and its expansion in cities and neighborhoods are some key advantages:

  • Companionship. We are social animals. People who live alone and with an accelerated pace of life suffer from not being able to generate deep and meaningful relationships. A problem that disappears by living in a coliving, since the creation of a community and the collaboration between residents is one of the fundamental bases of its operation. Colivings welcome people with similar interests or shared goals, creating an environment where people can collaborate, learn and grow together.
  • Flexibility. Uncertainty dominates our daily lives and our professional development. Job mobility is very common, and coliving offers flexible conditions that traditional renting or home ownership do not offer.
  • Savings. There are many expenses and taxes involved in owning or renting a home that you can avoid by living in a coliving. Utility bills, cleaning and more are shared among residents, so you can live comfortably without the financial strain of traditional housing.
  • Convenience and services. You don’t have to worry about contracting internet, telephone line, water, cleaning… All this is already included in your fee. In addition, you have high quality common areas where you can enjoy moments of leisure and relaxation almost without leaving home.

Types of coliving

There are as many types of coliving as we can imagine, adapted to different types of residents, space design, location, and so on. Here are some of the most common ones:

Senior coliving

Coliving spaces offer a unique opportunity for seniors: to be able to live in company and feel part of a group, to connect with people who are in the same stage of life and that can bring them extra joy. In addition, these types of spaces offer areas designed specifically for seniors, such as gardens or areas with exercise equipment, as well as services such as assistance in booking medical appointments, physiotherapy services, hairdressing and so on.

Coliving what it is

Coliving for professionals and digital nomads

These are colivings designed specifically for professionals looking for an environment where they can live and work with all the comforts. These spaces include coworking areas in the same building and provide all the facilities to work from home. They also organize networking events and activities that encourage collaboration and the creation of professional connections between residents.

Digital nomads are especially interested in this type of coworking, as it allows them to visit different cities, get inspired and meet people from various parts of the world while working.

Luxury Coliving

This type of coliving specializes in high-end amenities and services, as if it were a luxury hotel. Apartments designed according to the latest fashions and the most demanding standards of beauty -with high quality, durable and reliable furnishings-, located in privileged locations and with the highest level of amenities and facilities.

The services are excellent, with lounges, gymnasiums, parking, bicycle parking, spa, wellness areas, rooftop terraces, gastro bar…

Retirement Coliving

As a counterpoint to urban colivings, retreat or rural colivings emerge, which are located in natural and secluded areas where seeking peace and contact with the environment are the objectives of the residents. These coliving offer services more adapted to a rural lifestyle, focusing on outdoor activities, wellness retreats and common areas that invite the enjoyment of simple living.

Now that you know what coliving is and its advantages, can you imagine living in such a space? If you are looking for something more traditional, in Sonneil we offer homes in the best areas of the coast, with sea views and very high quality. We are waiting for you!