If you are planning to purchase a property in Spain you will need to obtain a NIE number to do all the paperwork or to make any transaction in Spain, e.g. opening a bank account, applying for funding, paying your taxes, etc. The so-called NIE is an acronym for Número de Identidad de Extranjero, i.e. Foreigner’s identification number, it will be your identification and tax number in Spain and is issued by the Foreign Service stations. Before going any further, we would like to point out the difference between the NIE, TIE and the authorization of residence:

  • NIE: as we have just said it is your identification number
  • TIE: it is the actual document (the card). It contains our personal data, photograph and NIE number (non-EU residents).
  • Authorization of residence: the legal right to reside in Spain

Let’s move on and focus on what interests us most: when do I need to apply for the NIE? You will need to apply for it no later than 2 months before the signing the deeds of purchase before notary. As you may know, bureaucracy issues take a little bit long, so make sure you have plenty of time to carry out all the corresponding procedures. You can do it in person in Spain, via a Spanish Consulate abroad or a presentative in Spain.     The documents needed are the ones listed below:  

  • Two copies of the Ex-15 application form.
  • Passport or ID card (original and copy)
  • A document justifying your reasons for applying for it.
  • If you do it via a third party, you will need to grant this person power of attorney signed before notary to act on your behalf.
  • Non-EU residents: Declaración de entrada o a título de viaje o cédula de inscripción, i.e. a document proving your legal entry into Spain.

Place of submission
Keep in mind that there are 3 vias to submit all the required documents to obtain the NIE number:

You can submit all the documents in person at any of the immigration offices or police stations. On the following link you will find a list of immigration offices in Spain, click here. After submitting your application form you will be told to pay a fee of €10 and take the proof of payment back to the immigration office. Once, it is done, you will get a receipt a date to collect you NIE.

If you authorize a third party to do all the paperwork for you, you will need to grant him/her a power of attorney to act on your behalf. S/he will also need your passport or a notarised copy. The procedure will be the same as the one stated above.

It is also possible to apply for it at the Spanish consulate in your country. However, please, bear in mind that consulates do not issue NIE numbers. All the documents will be sent to the Spanish authorities and you will receive your NIE document through the post.

It may seem like a lot of to do and a time-consuming procedure but do not worry we are here to assist you with everything you may need. Our lawyers will help you to do all the paperwork 🙂  Contact us.