Are you looking for your dream home in the best place in the world? First of all, make sure you know how to buy real estate in Spain and meet all the requirements.

Also, here you can check out the taxes and cost of purchasing property in Spain.

How to buy real estate in Spain

Everything in life has its requirements. Buying a house in Spain is no exception. (Certainly fewer than for finding a partner).

Identification Number for Foreigners or NIE

If you are a foreigner, among the steps of the house buying process in Spain, obtaining a NIE is one of the most important. It is an identification document that foreigners who are connected to Spain must have. It is necessary either to work in a Spanish company, to become a Spanish resident or, as is the case, to buy a house. This number is personal, unique and exclusive.

You have two options: you can apply for it from your home country or once you are in Spain. To find out how to do this, check out our post on how to obtain a NIE.

If you are Spanish, we assume that you have a Tax Identification Number or NIF. Either that, or you are a hermit. 


If we ask ourselves how to buy a house in Spain or anywhere else, we will all come up with the same answer: money. Unless the day comes when houses fall from the sky, we need cash, bucks, gold, dough, chips, bread.

You may already have this figured out. Problem solved! If this is not the case, you can apply for a mortgage loan to buy a house in Spain. You should visit several banks to find out about the conditions.

Sign an earnest money contract

Relax, it’s not like you’re marrying someone. The earnest money contract is usually signed prior to the signing of the deeds before a notary public. It’s a sales agreement. Buyer and seller make a commitment and the buyer pays a portion of the final price. Therefore:

  • The buyer reserves the right to purchase.
  • The seller undertakes to deliver the property.

Prevention of Money Laundering

It sounds like a Scorsese movie, but it is a mere formality (although essential for buying your home). Since the Law on the Prevention of Money Laundering was passed in 2010, anyone who wants to buy a home in Spain must justify the origin of the money that will be used to do so.

To this end, you need to sign a document provided by the developer or real estate agency. It includes your data, economic and professional situation and the origin of the funds.

Don’t worry, it sounds worse than it actually is. 😉

If you are lucky enough to find the house of your dreams in Spain, you might need some advice on the moving process.

How to buy real estate in Spain: tips

Our tips are like an apple a day at keeping stress away. You can take them if you want or decide not to. (But it’s better to play it safe).

Hire a lawyer

Paperwork can overwhelm us all at times. To avoid any concerns, hire a specialist lawyer and stop worrying about how to buy a house in Spain. The lawyer may represent you before the notary public, carry out procedures on your behalf, handle your application for a Foreigner Identity Number (NIE), etc. It is important to hire the services of a lawyer before signing any type of document or paying deposits.

You can start looking for housing lawyers on the AIPP or the RICS member lists.

Just behave better than De Niro in Cape Fear.

Foreign Exchange Specialist

When transferring large amounts of money to another country, or doing so on a regular basis, it is best to hire a currency specialist. The specialist will get you a more favourable exchange rate, acting almost like a superhero!

Normally, their services cost between 3 and 4% of the exchange rate. Trust us: you will save a lot of money. They are regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) and are as safe as a traditional bank.

Opening a bank account

More than a procedure for buying a house, opening a bank account in Spain is a recommendation. This way, you will avoid headaches when making transfers, paying bills by direct debit, etc. Find out about the conditions of the accounts offered by the different banks. It’s a drag, yes, but it’s worth it!

Do you want a Golden Visa?

If you are a non-EU citizen, you might be interested in getting a Golden Visa. This is a residence visa that is granted to non-EU citizens who buy a property in Spain with a value equal to or greater than 500,000 euros.

So, if you were thinking of investing almost that amount, pour a little more in and you will become a Spanish resident.

Now that you have a clearer idea of the requirements for buying a house in Spain, it’s time to start looking for it! At Sonneil we offer you homes in the best areas of the coast. You just have to fulfill one more requirement: to be a good life lover