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If you plan to move to Spain, you should note that it is essential to make your own arrangements to get a health-insurance coverage for yourself. The European Health Insurance Card is only valid for a limited period of time, i.e. people on a holiday or a temporary visit to Spain.

In order to raise awareness amongst expats on the need to perform this procedure, the Department of Health and the British Embassy in Spain have launched an informative video on the importance of having a health care coverage and how to access healthcare as a resident.

This would avoid unpleasant surprises which might imply having to spend a considerable amount of money. If you are not registered for healthcare and do not have you social security card, you will not be entitled to receive free or low-cost healthcare. You will be treated privately and will have to pay 100% of the cost of the treatment. Some people have paid a large sum of money because they were not properly registered.

The Spanish National Health Service is ranked one of the best ones in the European Union, alongside Belgium, Cyprus, France, Italy, Sweden and Netherlands. However, being a resident of the European Union does not imply getting free or reduced-cost healthcare. The change of domicile is required to be notified to both British and Spanish Administration. It is a simple procedure which will mean complete peace of mind for you in the future. You will have access to health coverage in Spain.

There are different ways to access public healthcare in Spain depending on your personal circumstances: you work and pay social security contributions in Spain, you are a retired person or pensioner… For further details on the necessary requirements to access public healthcare in Spain, please, visit  http://healthcareinspain.eu/

There are some services which are always free of charge. These include emergency treatment, pregnancy, child birth and postnatal treatment.
If you do not meet any of the requirements demanded by Spanish authorities, you may be able to join the Convenio Especial. A health insurance which provides access to healthcare for a payment of 60€/month.

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