Open-plan, separate, kitchenette, single-wall… When reading some building specifications and brochures we may find some terms referring to different kinds of kitchen which do not sound familiar to us. Moreover, kitchen layouts may differ, especially in newly-built developments, depending on the predominant trends and the target customer. For instance, a separate kitchen is often our first choice for our usual main residence, whereas we prefer an open-plan kitchen in our 2nd home, which is understandable since when we are on holiday we do not feel like cooking.  Instead, we opt for a larger living are or a good-sized terrace to enjoy the unrivalled Mediterranean sunlight 🙂

There are basically two main layouts: separate and open-plan. Let us examine this in greater detail…

Open-plan kitchen: it is somehow “integrated” in the lounge. They are not necessarily small. It is simply a way to make the most of space by creating extra space for the living area. This category includes different types which can even be combined with each other to create a new one:

  • Open-plan kitchen diner: the kitchen is separated from the living area by a breakfast bar which can be used as a countertop or as a dining table. It can be built in or a piece of furniture with chairs and stools. It is also known as peninsula since it is attached either on a wall or on a piece of furniture.
  • Single wall kitchen or kitchenette: the kitchen relates to the adjacent living area. It can be hidden behind some cupboards and pushed along the wall. There is no partitions or walls.
  • Kitchen with an island: an island is a countertop placed in the middle of the kitchen. It is not attached on any wall or piece of furniture. It can be used as a countertop or it can be equipped with vitro electric stove, extractor hood and sink. There are a wealth of options, your imagination is the only limit! Although different sizes are available, it is best choice for larger kitchens. Separate kitchens can also have an island.

Separate kitchen: it is a separate room, set apart from the rest of the rooms. The following layouts are included in this category:

  • Kitchen with dining area: as its name suggests it has a dining area with space for a table and some chairs. It may have some sort of partition such as a breakfast bar. In Spanish this is also know as “cocina-office”.
  • Kitchen with an island: as in the open-plan kitchens, there is a detached countertop in the middle of the kitchen.

Should you have any question on the different kitchen layouts or find that there is one type missing, please, do not hesitate to contact us! As a good glossary, it is subject to review to add new terms 🙂

And what about you? Which one is your favourite?