Estepona is a town in the province of Málaga. It is located in a unique area on the Costa del Sol, stretching along a coastline of twenty-three kilometres of beaches and reaching inland to a valley criss-crossed by streams and the mountainous area of Sierra Bermeja. It is a very popular tourist destination due to the good weather that is present for most of the year, its wonderful beaches, its rich and varied cultural heritage and, of course, its reputation as one of the most beautiful towns in Andalusia. If you are thinking of moving or buying a holiday home in this beautiful town, in this post we are going to discuss which are the best residential areas in Estepona.

What are the best residential areas to live in Estepona?

Estepona is the largest town on the Costa del Sol and stands out for offering a great quality of life, so it is a major attraction both for tourists and people looking to settle there. In Estepona, the best areas to live in are spread across the marina, the town and the extensive coastal area, all of which combine Andalusian charm and seafaring tradition, as well as an attractive residential atmosphere. The town has a wide variety of spaces to suit all kinds of needs and tastes, so we are going to take a look at the best residential areas of Estepona.

Town centre

There are two main areas within the town centre: the old town and the expansion area. Estepona claims to have one of the most beautiful old quarters in Andalusia. It is characterised by its network of narrow, white streets, decorated with pots full of flowers, which converge in wide squares full of vegetation. This is why the historic centre is considered to be an authentic urban garden. In the old town you can find single-family houses, most of them in need of renovation. But with sufficient investment, it is possible to renovate and build quite spacious homes. The expansion area is located in the northwest of the town and has experienced great growth in recent years. New apartments can be purchased in this area for all kinds of needs.

residential areas in Estepona

Costa del Sol’s New Golden Mile

This is one of the most coveted and exclusive areas on the coast of Málaga, a sort of extension of Marbella that occupies seven kilometres of land between Estepona and Puerto Banús. On the New Golden Mile, townhouses, residential homes and luxury villas are being built both on the beachside and further inland on the mountainside. The advantage of choosing the coastal area is that there is a more lively atmosphere and essential services are much closer. Inland, there is more tranquillity, privacy and great views. One of the most outstanding residential areas inland is Bel Air, and in the coastal area near the beach we can find El Campanario, El Paraíso, Cabo Bermejo and Benamara.  

residential areas in Estepona

Marina area

The marina is another of the best areas to live in Estepona. It is close to the historic centre, located between the beaches of La Rada (the most famous beach in Estepona) and El Cristo. It has all the essential services such as schools, supermarkets and markets, as well as a wide range of leisure facilities such as bars, clubs and restaurants, typical of a tourist area. The marina area is also the administrative centre of Estepona. The town hall is located in this area, as well as the museum of palaeontology and the tourist office. Residential areas such as Seghers and Altos de Guadalobón stand out here.

residential areas in Estepona

Which is the best area to live in Estepona?

When it comes to the question of which is the best area to live in Estepona, we would definitely choose the old town. There are plenty of reasons. The beauty of its streets, the history written in every corner, the convenience of not having to travel by car to go shopping, to go to restaurants, medical centres, schools, the beach, etc. In the old part of the town, the district of La Villa stands out, where the main and most beautiful monuments can be found, such as the castle of San Luis, the Plaza de las Flores –where the most important houses of the town were built–, the Plaza del Reloj or the Casa de los Aljibes; although there are also other charming neighbourhoods such as the district of Hornos, Plaza Nueva or San Francisco.

As we can see, Estepona has managed to combine its origins as a fishing village with a great tourist development. 

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