The arrival of retirement is an exciting chapter in life. With time to dedicate to oneself, to enjoy freedom and well-deserved hours of relaxation. Residential solutions for this type of public are evolving towards new models that are more caring, comfortable and offer more services. Among them, senior living has emerged as one of the most attractive options, fully adapted to the needs of our elders. Read on and we will tell you what senior living is and how it works.

Senior living: what it is, characteristics

Each senior living residence has its own characteristics, but they all share the following:

  • Adapted housing. Senior living residences guarantee accessibility and functionality, a comfortable design that makes life easier for residents. For example, including support and safety elements such as bars in the bathroom, ramps instead of steps, emergency sound systems, and so on.
  • Facilities and services. Senior living communities stand out for a wide range of services that take into account the needs of people at this stage of life. Some even add a touch of luxury to the facilities. Spa, swimming pools, restaurants, gym, hairdresser, movie theater, game room, gardens and walking areas, mobility circuits… Almost like living in a five-star resort!
  • Medical care. Of course, the health of the residents is paramount. Hence, there are medical care services available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and adapted to the needs of each person. Application of treatments, specialized diagnoses, assistance with the supply of medication, accompaniment to medical appointments, multidisciplinary medical teams, rehabilitation… Everything is prepared so that residents are perfectly cared for.
  • Specialized staff. The people who work in a senior living community are highly specialized and trained to meet the needs of people of a certain age. This generates confidence and security, and fosters the family spirit that is created in these communities. The staff usually consists of people trained in geriatrics, physicians, nutritionists, physiotherapists, psychologists and psychiatrists, and so on.
  • Social activities. Senior living residences include programs with recreational activities specially designed for the elderly. For example, games to train cognitive abilities, motor activities to keep the body active, excursions to enjoy the outdoors, and all kinds of events that also encourage the building of social relationships and the participation of residents.
senior living in Spain

How it works

The process of entering a senior living facility can vary from one senior living facility to another, but it usually goes something like this:

  • Choose the right type. There are three main types of senior living: cohousing (residents join together as a cooperative and the home becomes their property), coliving (developed by a developer who markets the homes) and resort (a housing development, usually in tourist or coastal areas and aimed at foreign clients, with high-end amenities and common areas).
  • Evaluate the costs and conditions. As with the purchase of a regular home, it is necessary to draw up a contract detailing the costs and services included, as well as all the characteristics of the homes.
  • Adaptation. Moving to a new place always involves a process of adaptation. Each person has his or her own time and needs, so it is necessary to take it with patience. The senior living that have specialized personnel are ideal to feel supported in the transition.

Advantages of senior living

According to all of the above, we can say that living in a senior living residence offers many advantages, the main ones being:

  • Community living. In the last stage of life, company is especially important to feel good, stimulate our thinking and surround ourselves with positive energy. Senior living is based precisely on that, on creating a community of people who seek to accompany and enrich each other.
  • Wellness and health. The services offered by senior living related to personal care (physiotherapy, meditation, nutrition, medicine, etc.) are essential to improve the quality of life of residents, balancing body and mind and providing vitality.
  • Safety. Living in a community of this type, monitored and protected, provides peace of mind and, therefore, health.
  • Assistance. No more worries about keeping the house clean, repairing damages, tidying up, and so on.
senior living in Spain

Senior living in Spain

The senior population is becoming more and more important in Spain. In addition, our country is chosen by many foreigners who want to enjoy their retirement on our shores. For this reason, this model is gaining importance in our residential market.

There are already some senior living projects in Spain, mainly on the coast and in tourist areas such as Costa Blanca, Costa del Sol and Valencia. These areas offer good weather, social life, access to natural areas, sunlight and a relaxed lifestyle. It is expected, therefore, that senior living will become one of the most relevant models of real estate development in Spain, reaching the levels of France and the United Kingdom, countries where it has already reached a great development.

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