When the good weather arrives and the summer days are approaching, we want more than ever to take advantage of our terraces and spend a good time with friends, family, reading or, why not, taking a siesta. To make this space cosy and get the most out of it, in this post we give you some tips for decorating terraces and attics with a view to sunny days and good weather. We hope they help you!

Tips for decorating terraces and attics

The options are endless and your tastes are a priority, but so that you can start designing the decoration of your terrace or attic, here are some tips that will make your life easier.

Plants and flowers for a tropical garden

tips decorating terraces

Decorating with plants and flowers has been one of the most applauded trends for some years now. Any corner, no matter how bland it may seem, comes to life if we place the right plants in the right place. The same goes for terraces, of course.

One of the options we like the most is the ‘urban jungle’ which, as its name suggests, consists of filling the space with plants – if you have tropical ones, all the better – and making spending time on your terrace as similar as possible to visiting a jungle. They will bring you peace, calm and clean the air.

We recommend hanging plants or those that are more resistant to the sun and heat and also help to lower the temperature. Some of the most resistant plants for terraces are boxwood, lavender, jasmine, bamboo or begonia.

Games for the little ones

For families with children, the terrace can be the perfect place for outdoor playtime without having to leave the house and, of course, in the cooler hours of summer evenings.

The most important thing, especially if your terrace is high up or is an attic, is to install all the necessary safety elements – railings, glass… -. Once we have made sure of this, you can choose from a multitude of play options to install on the terrace: slate walls to paint on, grassy areas for them to play on the ground, small vegetable gardens or dirt areas where they can take care of their own plants, a corner with a table and chairs where they can paint or even ponds with little fish for the more daring.

For terraces with sea views

tips decorating terraces

If you have a terrace with a sea view, you have a treasure. Just like the interior decoration of a house on the coast, the decoration of the terrace can also adopt a maritime and coastal touch that makes it coherent with the rest of the spaces.

In this sense, colours play a fundamental role. Light greens and blues, off-white and sandy beige tones are great for replicating the chromatic sensation of being on the beach. Greys reminiscent of the pebbles on the beach or touches of deeper green, such as that of the vegetation growing on the dunes, also work well. For a more vibrant touch of colour, choose yellows, oranges or reds.

Also, bear in mind that the sea breeze can wear down some materials, so it’s important to choose wisely. Opt for plastic or polypropylene furniture, aluminium or synthetic rattan. Also, make sure that the furniture is protected by shade, such as awnings and parasols.

Experiment with lighting

Whether your terrace is large or small, it is important to light it well. There are many options for indirect lighting, which is the softest for this type of space.

The most original are small hanging garland lights that give your terrace a captivating look, or placing lights along the rafters or pergolas. Candles are also great for a more romantic and relaxing atmosphere. We advise you to avoid very powerful lights, as the aim is not to illuminate in a direct way, but to transmit warmth.

Another great way to save energy and the environment is to use solar lamps that don’t use wires or plugs – they’re wonderful!

Choose a theme

tips decorating terraces

And if you want to decorate your terrace or attic with extra originality, choose a theme and decorate around it.

For example, you can go for a Moroccan and bohemian style, with pieces of handcrafted furniture, intense colours and filigree, cushions and poufs. You can also opt for a mid-century theme to match the interior décor. This style brings an extra touch of elegance and timelessness, with soft, minimalist furniture shapes, pastel tones and no ostentation. What about Ibizan style? Transport yourself to the paradisiacal coves and beaches of Ibiza with a touch of sustainability and reuse of furniture and elements such as pallets and go for white tones and natural materials.

Now that you have these guides to decorate terraces and penthouses, can you imagine having your own terrace with sea views? At Sonneil, we offer the best homes in coastal areas, so that you can live the life you deserve.