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Nothing but an average temperature of 18º C awaits you in Denia in winter.

In addition, tourism is less intense in the winter season, so it is the perfect occasion to enjoy it calmly. Whether it be diving, kayaking, hiking or simply trying the amazing Mediterranean Diet, Denia is a luxury also in winter. Because the sun does not stop shining on the Costa Blanca.

Do you want to know what to do in Denia in winter? Today, we share with you our favourite plans. Do not miss them!

What to do in Denia in winter | Top Plans

Get lost in the streets of Denia

Something as simple as walking can become a perfect plan in an unknown city: surprises hide in every corner. And Denia is not an exemption. Its harbour, the neighborhood of Baix la Mar and its sailor history, the Castle… Not to mention beaches such as the Marineta Cassiana or Las Marinas.

Ascend to Montgó

The views of the calm sea are altered by the sight of this peak. In Sonneil we suggest you follow one of the climbing routes to see part of the Costa Blanca from a bird’s eye view.

Tourism… also underwater

Water sports in winter? In Denia, it is absolutely possible! You just need to wear a good suit. You can enjoy the green meadows of its seabed, the color of fish and the clarity of its waters. A perfect destination for diving. Once on the surface, try kayaking or renting a boat. That’s the Mediterranean way of life!

Bike ride through Denia

If you wonder what to do in Denia in winter, bike rides are the perfect choice… Also, the routes are easy enough for the whole family to enjoy them.

Visit the Carved Cova

This impressive rock formation that seems taken from Game of Thrones is just a few kilometers from Denia, bordering Jávea.

The best part? In winter, not so many people come here, so… the landscape will be almost just for you. We suggest you arrive by kayak or canoe. Remember to bundle up so that you don’t get too cold.

Eat… in any season

Did you know that Denia’s cuisine is part of Unesco’s heritage? That’s right, as a creative city of gastronomy. With this in mind… there is little more to say! Taste is not seasonal. Nor is Denia’s astonishing rice!

Other plans to enjoy Denia in winter

  • Try the hiking trails that reach the Cape of San Antonio.
  • Stroll along the beaches of La Marina, Trampolí or Marineta.

These are just some of the options yo can do in Denia in winter. A perfec season, as you will see, to enjoy your holidays sheltered by the Mediterranean essence. Because not only in summer does the sun shine in this historic port city.

Whether to stroll through its untouched white streets going up and down, to see the castle in the background or to look down on the city from the Montgó… Denia is a place to visit, at least, once in a lifetime.

What are you waiting for to explore Denia? If you decide to choose Denia as one of your destinations to get away, Sonneil can offer you great apartments in Denia. Enjoy life and treat yourself with an apartment in Denia.