Situated between the blue Costa Blanca and the imposing Alicante mountains, Polop de la Marina is a village where the charm of tradition, the simple life and the enjoyment of nature reign every day. Here are some recommendations on what to see in Polop de la Marina, a jewel known only to a few.

The old town of Polop

The old town of Polop de la Marina offers an authentic journey back to medieval times thanks to its labyrinthine streets, cobbled alleys and colourful façades. There is also no shortage of balconies with flower pots, which add a touch of cheerfulness at any time of the year.

We love the Plaza de los Chorros, a typical traditional square of Mediterranean architecture, with an impressive 221-spout fountain that pays homage to the importance of water in this region. In fact, it was these water resources that allowed the town of Benidorm to develop.

Also not to be missed is the Gabriel Miró House Museum, in the old Casa del Xorro dating from the end of the 19th century. The famous writer was totally in love with Polop, where he rented a villa to spend his summers with his family and his sick daughter Clemencia.

The Parish Church of San Pedro Apóstol and the Plaza de la Purísima, among other buildings and corners, complete a beautiful setting in the heart of the Alicante mountains.

what to see in polop

Polop Castle

Polop, like so many other villages, grew up around a hill on which stood its castle, which watched over the surrounding area. Thanks to the work to recover the remains of this Muslim construction, which dates back to the 12th century, the area has gained in value and is now a must-see. You can see vestiges of the walls and defence towers, and enjoy breathtaking views of the area. The castle also houses the museum of the history of Polop.

At the top of the hill is the old cemetery of Polop, which has been converted into a literary cemetery dedicated to the aforementioned Gabriel Miró, who wrote so much about this corner of the Mediterranean.

As you climb the hill, don’t hesitate to stop and admire the scenery and imagine the many battles and historical events it witnessed. Once at the top, spend a pleasant time on the terrace of the bar El Castell, with a 360º viewpoint from which, on the clearest days, you can even see Altea and the Mediterranean Sea.

Hiking in Polop

But Polop de la Marina is much more than its village and its cobblestones. The town’s rich natural environment allows you to go hiking to enjoy the Mediterranean flora and fauna to the full. Just do them on a cool day, always avoiding the hottest moments. Some of our favourite natural spots near Polop are:

  • Mount Ponoig. Above Polop rises the Ponoig mountain, which can be reached by a hiking route not suitable for beginners, but well worth it. Steep paths, pine forests and imposing vertical walls that mountain lovers will never forget.
  • Bolulla Cliffs Route. This area of the Bolulla river is of an exuberant nature. Here, the Bolulla river flows before flowing into the Algar river, which makes it especially attractive for canyoning lovers. Jumps, pools, abseiling… Impressive!
  • La Encantada Ravine Route. This gorge of rocky walls makes us feel very small. It is a very quiet path where you can stop to listen to the murmur of the water in the waterfalls and cool off in them. It is a route of about 12 kilometres and in spring, with the thaw, is when it is most enjoyable. Especially in the Gorg del Salt, the largest pool in the area.
what to see in polop

Surroundings of Polop

The marvellous surroundings in which Polop is located give it even more value. Visit neighbouring villages that reflect the best of Alicante’s tradition and disconnect from it all.

  • Callosa d’en Sarrià. About 10 minutes drive from Polop is Callosa d’en Sarrià, which we like above all for its famous waterfall, Les Fonts de l’Algar. The beauty of this waterfall is undeniable, and a refreshing swim in summer is a great plan.
  • Altea. Altea is undoubtedly one of the most beautiful towns in the Spanish Mediterranean. Its white façades, which rise imposingly above the silhouette of the sea, its blue stairs and doors and the dome of its church are enough to make you fall in love. It also has beaches to suit all tastes.
  • Costa Blanca Coves. For those who do not forgive a swim, the crystal clear waters of the coves of the Costa Blanca are a must. They have nothing to envy to the paradisiacal postcards of the Caribbean. Here you can see our top 10 coves on the Costa Blanca.
  • Guadalest. Considered one of the most beautiful villages in Spain, Guadalest is also a must-see in the mountains of Alicante. Situated on a hilltop, like many of the villages in the area, it has stunning panoramic views of the reservoir and the surrounding mountains. Explore its old town, visit the castle and discover its museums. Any takers?

What to eat in Polop

Finally, you can’t be in Polop and miss its delicious cuisine, with the freshest raw materials from the Mediterranean Diet and the most traditional recipes, which are nourished by ingredients from the sea, the countryside and the vegetable garden, and which are always a safe bet. Typical dishes are pilotes de dacsa -a kind of cornmeal dumplings eaten with beans, meat and vegetables-, l’olleta de blat -a stew made with wheat- and, of course, Alicante rice. Ca L’Àngels restaurant is one of the most highly rated in the area.

Now that you know everything it has to offer and everything there is to see in Polop, it’s time to discover it for yourself. Are you up for it?

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