The island of Mallorca is internationally famous for many reasons. Paradisiacal beaches and coves, crystalline waters, exuberant nature, welcoming villages… and also a Mediterranean gastronomy with the freshest products. From delicacies based on local seafood to dishes that drink from the Mallorcan tradition and turn it into contemporary creations. Everything tastes great on this island. Read on to discover the best restaurants to eat in Mallorca, and get ready to repeat!

Where to eat in Mallorca

It is difficult to choose, but we would not leave the island without having tried the dishes of these five restaurants. Are you up for it?

La Fortaleza

Only 30 diners are accepted in this delicate and delicious restaurant that avoids conventionalism: everything starts outside the restaurant, with an aperitif taken with the hands and with a piano or Spanish guitar playing in the background, almost as if you were at home. Located in the bay of Palma, in the fortress of Cap Rocat, the imposing setting sets the stage for an experience that leaves its mark: a dinner between walls and rocks, overlooking the Mediterranean.

Its menu, a tribute to the gastronomic culture that Mallorcans have inherited from their elders, has earned it two Repsol Suns. Recipes that respect to the maximum the preparations of all the life, like the variat and the stuffed squids, taking them towards the high kitchen and selecting the product of freshest market and giving all the protagonism to the intense flavors.


Chosen as one of the 40 most beautiful restaurants in the world by the prestigious travel magazine Condé Nast Traveller, Botànic is just what it sounds like: an orchard with vegetables as the protagonists. Chef Andrés Benítez is responsible for the plant forward concept, which turns the tables and puts vegetables at the center of the dishes, with meat and fish as accompaniments.

And he achieves this in a sexy and fun way, banishing the preconceived idea that eating green and healthy is boring. Surprising textures, products cooked al dente to keep all the flavor, intense mixtures… always with zero kilometer cultivation as a premise. Don’t miss the kurries, the sweet potato with pork suckling pig or the kohlrabi salad.

Ca’s Patró March

This beautiful place is more than 100 years old. What started as a humble little beach bar has become that beautiful place that everyone wants to visit, including celebrities. It is not a luxurious restaurant, not at all. Here, the luxury is eating on the sea and looking at the cliffs and waves while you eat the freshest fish and seafood on the island. In fact, they are caught and cooked on the same day.

Its reeds and wooden structures give it a rustic touch that we love and let the environment and nature shine. Because the important thing is the landscape and the local product: octopus, anchovies, shrimps, red mullet, prawns… and also exquisite meats. At Ca’s Patró March, simplicity is enough for the quality of the raw material to shine.


Chef Maca de Castro may be Mallorca’s most famous restaurateur. This Mallorcan, who was named chef with the greatest future projection by the International Academy of Gastronomy in 2021, travels her island continuously to find the perfect ingredients. Fish markets, ports, farms, orchards… nothing resists her when it comes to celebrating the essence of the territory with a contemporary look. Andana occupies the site of the island’s first train station, in Palma, and is a great postcard welcome for anyone visiting Mallorca.

The most typical dishes such as cocas, fried eggs and fish join others such as kamado vegetables or even hot dogs. And with a philosophy that permeates everything: far foods. “Long-haul gastronomy, based on the origin, on the soul of the territory, of the products. Gastronomy that expresses the landscape in all its richness, free from ups and downs, fashions and trends. Subject only to the movement of the moon, the seasons, the seasons. To the palpitation of the planet”.

Bens D’Avall

Bens D’Avall is the proof that it is possible to maintain a quality cuisine and remain one of the best restaurants on the island for generations. They have a Michelin star for a reason!

Since 1971 this restaurant has been serving dishes that, as they themselves say, transmit the richness and variety of the civilizations that passed through Mallorca. Benet and Jaume Vicens are father and son, but also a tandem that works perfectly between ingredients grown in their own garden and delicate techniques that bring out the best of traditional recipes. And always with the defense of biodiversity and local producers as a flag.

Not to mention its location. The terrace of Bens D’Aavall, overlooking the Mediterranean, is the closest thing to feeling in paradise. Especially if you enjoy the views during sunset and while you delight in the tasting menu, with dishes as suggestive as Sinergias de la Albufera and Magdalena de Costa.

These are just some of the best restaurants where to eat in Mallorca, but the island keeps authentic gastronomic gems that are worth knowing. Can you imagine living in this paradise and visiting these places? At Sonneil, we offer the best homes in Mallorca for you to live surrounded by nature.