There are so many choices when it comes to where to eat in Santa Pola, that we could create a blog just to talk about this. (Sure, we love talking about food).

The gastronomy of Santa Pola revolves around tradition, legend and the sea. Brothy seafood rice with the perfect texture, a clam chowder in front of the sea or one of the best croquettes that -we dare say- you have ever tasted in your life… These are just some of the wonders that you can enjoy in the land of the sun par excellence.

Do you want to know where to eat in Santa Pola? Today at Sonneil we take you on a tour of our must-eats.

Because the good life can taste like anything you want.

Gastronomy in Santa Pola, between tradition and the Mediterranean

The Mediterranean legend covers everything in Santa Pola: the best paradigm of the Costa Blanca, where the calm of the sea has its most notable accent in the depths of the gorges. And let’s not forget the historic traces such as lighthouses, temples or medieval towers, which call the attention of the traveller who steps on Alicante’s lands.

With this background context, it is not surprising that its gastronomy reflects this calm, peaceful flavour. Where the way of eating, in the sun and with family, is just as important as what you eat. Eating is almost a ritual.

Among the outstanding dishes of Santa Pola, the products of the sea stand out: seafood and lots of fish accompanied by rice. Because, ladies and gentlemen, we are talking about the land of paella!

Santa Pola’s main products include salted fish, red prawn and fish with its own mark of protected designation of origin: the Peix of Santa Pola.

Tradition as a gastronomic hallmark

Gastronomy in Santa Pola is nothing new: it has its origins in the old fishing port, called Portus Illicitanus.

These unique specimens and the way they are marketed and served have created the Peix de Santa Pola label, a genre that can be found fresh every day in the city’s restaurants: from the most traditional and family-run to the most cutting-edge.

Because, if there is something that unites people in Santa Pola, it is undoubtedly gastronomy and the sea. And if it is both, all the better.

Where to eat in Santa Pola? An experience for the 5 senses

At Sonneil we never get tired of touring the Costa Blanca to offer you the best discoveries so that you can enjoy this land as it is deserved. That is why we will tell you below where to eat in Santa Pola, so that you can enjoy everything and not miss anything…

Nueva Casa del Mar, history on your plate

This restaurant, located in the middle of the port breeze, offers nothing less than the oldest rice recipe in the city.

Cooked over a low heat and in the traditional way, you can enjoy a good arroz a banda or fisherman’s rice, caldero fish, or rice with monkfish and vegetables, among other delicacies.

Mesón Cervantes, a unique setting

With this name, the images -and flavours- that come to mind are probably accurate: dishes inherited from the Iberian tradition.

Croquettes, clams, crunchy lobster appetizers or the specialty: Shrimp Villaroy with seafood cream sauce… We would continue to describe it, but we don’t want to give you too much of a whim. You better try it.

And you can’t leave Mesón Cervantes without ordering some croquettes, the best we have ever tasted… with permission from our grandmothers.

Capricho Bar, a gastronomic delicacy

In contrast to Mesón Cervantes we find Capricho Bar, which offers a more avant-garde touch. We highlight its tuna skewers or the mackerel dish -fresh and caught the same day- served with guacamole mousse, olives and red peppers… Could you possibly ask for more?

As you will see, these are just some of the must-try restaurants if you are wondering where to eat in Santa Pola. Although, as always, you will make your own discoveries by strolling along the coast, and then you can enjoy a good meal under the Mediterranean sun, with the breeze -and the flavour- of the sea at the centre of your experience.

And, if you discover a restaurant… will you tell us about it? Because the Mediterranean is meant to be shared.

What are you waiting for to immerse yourself in the magic of Santa Pola?

And if you want to enjoy the gastronomy of this area at any time, Sonneil offers you apartments in Santa Pola. So you can come back again and again.