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If you are looking for your new home, Sonneil is your ally to accompany you at every step of the process. With our 360º services, we help you with the procedures and needs that may arise along the way, so that you only focus on enjoying the sun and the sea.

Legal Services

We collaborate with trusted law firms to advise you on the legal aspects of the purchase such as opening a bank account, NIE application, translation of the notary deed etc. And, if you need it, they can legally represent you in the procedures.


We help you process the financing for your home. We work with the best financial institutions of Spain and we try to get the best deal for you, at the lowest cost.

Furniture and Decoration

In order to express your personality in every detail, we offer you options for furniture, kitchenware, appliances, and also interior design and decoration services. Because each house is unique.

Alarms and Insurances

We help install and start up the alarm in your home at a special price for our customers. We also offer you a highly reliable home insurance. Your safety first.

Supplies and installations

We assist you in contracting the necessary supplies (water, electricity, internet...) and in the choice and installation of systems, such as home automation and smart locks. We look for the best rates so that you get a fair price.

Cleaning and maintenance

We look for the best home cleaning services and maintenance of facilities such as swimming pools, gardens and air conditioning.

You want to rent your home?

Sonneil Rentals takes care of all the procedures, from visibility on websites to the management of payments and maintenance.

Looking for other services?

Tell us what you need and our team will find the best way to assist you.

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