When living in another country, any small detail that reminds you of your home country is important to maintain that connection that makes the transition easier.

In this sense, entertainment is an essential aspect, and many expatriates in Spain decide to connect to foreign television channels available in Spain. This is important if, for instance, you are not sufficiently fluent in Spanish to enjoy the local television programming.

For that reason, in today’s post we give you some tips so you can enjoy your country’s television networks… without leaving Spain. That’s how comfortable it is!

Because the good life is also channel-hopping!

Top| Foreign TV channels in Spain and around the world

Only about ten years ago, starting an adventure in a new country was a challenge: from looking for a house, to knowing the administrative process… Even the small details, such as looking for foreign TV channels in Spain, became an added challenge to the list of tasks.

However, thanks to the Internet, today there is the possibility of quickly accessing a large number of digital platforms, whether paid or unpaid official channels, in order to enjoy a large amount of television programmes. This way, you will not lose that part of your cultural connection with your home country, and you will also ease the transition to your family.

Here are some examples of foreign television channels in Spain… You can access them from the comfort of your computer!

Of course, do not stay stuck on the sofa and take time to discover the corners of the Spanish coast!

  • Netflix | The king of digital content. You will be able to access films, series and documentaries in your native language. This is a paid platform.
  • Amazon Prime Video | With an interface similar to Netflix, it offers the possibility of accessing a large amount of content through a subscription. What is the advantage? In Spain this service is not an extra, meaning that it is part of your Amazon subscription.
  • Film On TV | For the British, this platform allows access to English television, which means you can watch about 26 channels from your Google browser bar. Among them, you can watch BBC One, BBC Two, BBC News, CBBC, ITV1, Channel 4, E4, and Channel 5… You will be able to keep your distinguished British accent.
  • WatichBritish TV | An equally valid alternative to Film On TV.
  • Newton TV | The Netherlands are also present in Spain through this online platform that allows you to access Dutch free-to-air television channels.
  • PlayTv.fr | For the French, with PlayTv.fr you don’t need to say au revoir to your favourite content in French. Among the available channels, you can watch BFMTV, France 24, TV5Monde and Arte… egalité, fraternité and television: also from the comfort of your home in Spain.
  • France TV | The classic channels such as TF1, France 2, France 3 are also accessible from France TV.M6
  • Gulli is also an interesting option for the French free-to-air channels.
  • Sky TV or MyTVabroad | Two great digital platforms that offer you access to content in several languages.
  • Phoenix TV, Central China Television (CCTV) and Youko allow you to watch the main Chinese television channels from abroad.

In short, from the comfort of your browser you have access to a large number of foreign television channels in Spain, which will allow you to keep in touch with your home country. And it is always good to take a break after visiting, for instance, the most beautiful beach towns in Alicante.

Remember that, for some of them to work, it is necessary to have a VPN enabled, as some platforms have a blocking geolocator.

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