If you are reading this is because you are probably thinking about selling a property in Spain, maybe to buy a new, bigger or smaller one, or closer to the beach? Whatever your reason is, Sonneil can help you also to sell your property in Spain. Keep reading and see how we can help you…

What do you need to sell your home in Spain with us?

1. Commercial information

  • Photos of the property: The more the better. Photos are almost everything when selling a property. They have to be good, and show the best parts of your home. Ask us about our free “9 good tips to photograph your property” guide.
  • Description of the property: don’t forget to indicate the number of bedrooms, bathrooms, surface and layout. No-one better than you will tell us how beautiful your property is. Why did you choose it? What are the most outstanding features? Tell us about it!
  • Housing plans: the plans are always a good help for those looking for a property, so that they can get a better idea about it: will the dryer fit in the laundry room? Is there any terrace to grow some plants? or just to check the feng-shui!
  • A contact person to receive the visits: a telephone number, contact times and an e-mail address. If you are abroad or you are not usually in the area, you can hand us a set of keys so that we can arrange the visits.
  • How much is it paid for IBI and community expenses? This information is essential for buyers.

2. Documentation of the property

  • Nota simple of the property (Spanish Land Registry Certificate): it shows the registration data and the legal owner/s of the property.
  • Energy performance certificate: this document issued by a specialist is compulsory to sell and market the properties. It is a colour scale which indicates the efficiency of your home when it comes to save energy.

 3. What do you get in exchange when selling with Sonneil?

  • We will publish it on our website sonneil.com in English, Spanish and German.
  • We will publish it on the main Real Estate portals.
  • We will make it more visible thanks to our large agent’s network all over Europe and Russia who will also market your property to attract clients looking for a property in Spain.
  • Easy-buying: we will be by your side from
    the very first visit to the signature of the deed, so that everything will run smoothly.
  • Reports on the enquiries about your property: we will provide regular reports on the number of visits it has received on the internet, the people who have asked about it and all sorts of commercial actions regarding your house.
  • A market research so that you can sell your home at a good value: we will carry out a market research based on similar properties in the same area so that you can establish a proper price. Not too low, not to high. A good price and beautiful pictures are key when selling your property.
  • A team with a vast estate management and sales experience 🙂

 4. And how much do we charge?

Our fees are calculated on the registered price (i.e., the one appearing on the Public Deed before a notary public). Contact us for further details, we will be pleased to assist you 🙂