Maintaining the commitment, the desire to innovate and the closeness is not easy at all in the days of COVID-19.

Although the Sonneil team are used to working remotely and we have the appropriate tools to communicate and organize our day-to-day work, we are missing seeing each other in the office, the talks while having a café con leche, our team meals and the activities we used to organize outside working hours (#SonneilWalking, board games, #SonneilEat).

But we need to adapt and see each change as an opportunity to improve and develop new skills. That is why at Sonneil, during this period of confinement, we will continue betting on talent and teamwork, organizing activities and sharing knowledge.

Fancy knowing how the Sonneil team adapts to quarantine?

Yoga for everyone

Our Postsales Coordinator, Elizaveta Isaeva, is also a yoga teacher. So what better than sharing talent to build a team? Sonneil has launched yoga sessions for all employees who want to join. And of course, also for their families!

A few stretches and tips on postures and flexibility come great on these days when we can not go for a walk or run in the park. At the moment, these lessons are just for our team. But who knows? Maybe in a few days you can also enjoy them!

Digital Marketing and Programming Talks

Sharing digital knowledge makes us better professionals and helps us understand the work of our colleagues. Over the next two weeks, Joan, Santiago and Chris, from the marketing and technology team, will give four talks to reveal some digital marketing and programming tricks and bring us closer to their daily work. Knowing doesn’t take place, and this is a great time to learn from each other!

Spanish mini-lessons

Elizaveta’s skills don’t stop at yoga! She is also a Spanish teacher for foreigners, and has offered to help Sonneil fans who are not yet very comfortable with Spanish.

Through short videos that we will upload on our social networks, Elizaveta will reproduce situations or dialogues that can occur on a day-to-day basis, such as when shopping, drinking coffee, going to a restaurant… because we Will be looking forward to having a chat once we can go outside!

Head over to our YouTube channel and stay tuned! Here you have the first lesson!

We join the Red Cross special plan

In difficult times like these we live in, solidarity grows and emerges as a much-needed human value.

At Sonneil we want to join the wave of solidarity that has formed in Spain and, therefore, we have begun to collaborate with the Red Cross ‘Respond’ plan. Through this plan, the Red Cross aims to reduce the effects of the COVID-19 pandemic by adapting its regular services and activities and adopting new measures to ensure the continuity of responses to the general population and, especially, to people in situations of vulnerability.

Psychological assistance, distribution of basic necessities, cleaning and laundry services, assistance with procedures… are just some of the volunteer actions included in the plan. The goal is to assist 1,350,000 people in two months. Do like us and join the plan!

Our grain of sand with #stopcorona

The fight against the coronavirus is a joint fight, in which we must be united. That is why we love Rescue App. This project acts as a repository, managing material, service or individual support offers and connecting them with the needs that arise. Thus, the process of sending and receiving aid is streamlined.

sonneil team
Sonneil’s CRM Manager, Carlos Meseguer

There are many ways to help. For example:

  • Products. Donate glasses, masks, food and much more.
  • Material. Cover the material needs to produce, especially waterproof textile and PVC.
  • Machinery. Do you have a sewing workshop, 3D printers or other tools?

We encourage you to join this beautiful and necessary cause under the motto #stopcorona. 👉 👈

Caught red handed

They say that need sharpens ingenuity. During these days of quarantine, some of us seem to opt for the three Michelin stars, because we do not stop trying new recipes! In addition, we share them with each trough our Whatsapp group.

These are some of the most successful recipes among the team:

  • Susana, our CMO, recommends the banana bread recipe that Manu CatMan proposes in this post. Do you dare?
  • Our developer, Nadine, goes for the healthy and has dared with a vegan cheese recipe (made with chickpeas). You can check out María’s Healthy Coocking recipe in this Youtube video.
sonneil team
Manu CatMan’s banana bread

See? We do not stop even in quarantine! If you don’t want to stop either, we suggest you to continue visiting our blog to discover nearby paradises on the Spanish coast, or how we like to live the good life in this part of the world.

Come on, we are almost there. The Sonneil team sends out a big hug to you all!