Mallorca, the largest island of the Balearic archipelago, is known around the world for its paradisiacal spots, its impressive coves and beaches with crystalline waters and its Mediterranean vegetation. This is why it is the place chosen by Spaniards and foreigners alike to spend a few days of rest, but also to establish their residence. Among all the landscapes it offers, Cala Romántica stands out for its beauty and peaceful atmosphere. Read on and discover why Cala Romántica in Mallorca is the ideal place to start a new life.

Cala Romántica, retreat and connection in Mallorca

Located on the east coast of Mallorca, Cala Romántica is a guarantee of relaxation. This urbanisation is located in the bay of S’Estany d’en Mas, which forms a beautiful cove that, together with Cala Anguila and Cala Mendia, make up a paradisiacal complex with cliffs of up to 30 metres. Over the years, Cala Romántica has become a very important destination in this area of Mallorca, combining respect for nature with human settlement.

Moreover, Cala Romántica belongs to the municipality of Manacor, the second most populated on the island after Palma. Here you can enjoy magnificent architecture, as well as a multitude of services – restaurants, supermarkets, schools, chemists, hospitals… – and an attractive cultural life. And Porto Cristo, a lively tourist centre with a multitude of leisure options, is only 10 minutes away by car.

Mallorca coves

Natural heritage

Mallorca is an island that has managed to combine services, facilities and accommodation for inhabitants and visitors with a deep respect for the environment. After all, it is this natural value that makes it unique. In addition to the coves and beaches in Cala Romántica, in the surrounding area you can enjoy idyllic spots where you will feel truly privileged. We recommend that you visit them in spring or autumn, avoiding the coldest and hottest months.

One of the most spectacular destinations are the Caves of Drach, in Porto Cristo. This is a huge complex of connected caves, full of stalactites and with the largest underground lake in Europe. Something very special is to enjoy a classical music concert from the shore of the lake, while the musicians tour the lake aboard illuminated boats.

And if you have never tried sea caving, this is your chance, because in the surroundings of Cala Romántica there are many karst caves accessible both by land and by sea, such as the Cueva del Xot and the Cueva del Pont and the Cueva del Pirata.

And the more vegetation-loving will love the hiking trails that climb cliffs and narrow paths that lead to beaches and coves. For example, the route to the incredible Cala Varques starts at S’Estany d’en Mas and passes through impressive spots such as Cala Falcó or the natural stone bridge of Es Pontet.

cuevas drach

Mediterranean culture and gastronomy

Both Manacor and Porto Cristo, neighbouring towns of Cala Romántica, are rich in culture, history and traditions. Porto Cristo preserves the old stone houses which, together with the boats moored in the port, make up a typically Mediterranean postcard. In Manacor, the Parròquia de la Mare de Déu dels Dolors, a 19th century jewel in the Neo-Gothic style, and the Museu D’historia de Manacor, located in the Torre dels Enagistes and of Arab origin, stand out.

Mallorca has also managed to preserve its cultural features in its traditional products and gastronomy. You can visit wineries such as Vins Miquel Gelabert, taste the delicious Mallorcan ensaimadas in specialised bakeries such as Pastelería Manacor or visit the shops of Perlas Majorica, one of the most renowned pearl producers in the world, based in Manacor. We love the shop Can Garanya, with artisan products such as hand-blown glassware, white ceramics, clay whistles typical of the siurell, natural fibre rugs, wicker and woven grass items and much more.

Crystalline coves

Cala Romántica is undoubtedly best known for its Estany d’en Mas cove. A small bay that forms a haven of peace with crystal-clear waters and golden sand, typical of Mediterranean postcards. The sea, of an intense blue colour, penetrates the pine groves and the rock and offers shallow waters perfect for hours of swimming or diving. And with all the amenities for everyone to enjoy it: sun loungers, parasols and wheelchair access. There is also a restaurant and a bar, and in summer there is a lifeguard on duty.

And on the other side of the rock that forms the cove, Cala Anguila and Cala Mendia, somewhat smaller than Estany d’en Mas, are another alternative for enjoying an unparalleled setting on the Spanish coast. To discover other coves in Mallorca, read this post.

cala romantica mallorca

Leisure and sport

Cala Romántica is not only a place to relax and enjoy the simple life, but also offers leisure and sporting options for the whole family. Of course, water activities dominate. It is true that in the waters of Cala Romántica only some snorkelling is practised, due to the small size of the cove, but in neighbouring areas you can find a wide variety of agencies offering experiences such as scuba diving. We love paddle surfing in the calm waters of the coves and along the cliffs – the best way to get away from it all! You can also rent a sailboat or motorboat and explore the coast from the sea, discovering beautiful caves and coves, or go kayaking.

And there is no shortage of leisure activities, as Mallorca is one of the most popular holiday destinations in the world. The area of Porto Cristo is ideal for enjoying the sunsets and summer evenings strolling along the promenade. You can also visit the historic centre of Manacor and soak up the local life at the weekly market, with handicrafts that can only be found here. And of course, the nightlife is very lively and, especially in summer, it goes on until the early hours of the morning!

Where to live in Mallorca

As you can see, Cala Romántica is a magical place that puts everything within your reach. A place where the only important thing is to enjoy nature, to take time for yourself, to forget about pressures. Can you imagine living in a place like this? At Sonneil, we offer exclusive villas in Cala Romántica.

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