The interiors of modern luxury homes and their concept have changed over the years. They have gone from being considered overpriced and exclusive homes for very wealthy people, to being a much more affordable option; therefore, nowadays, a luxury home is no longer only linked to its price, but to many other factors that make it stand out from the rest. Among these other factors, the following are worth highlighting:

  • Location. The property must be in a privileged location and allow light to pass through to the interior.
  • Good views. Panoramic views can increase the value of a property by up to 50%.
  • Quality of the materials used. A luxury home must be built with high quality materials, and be equipped with all the necessary utilities and services.
  • Privacy and security. The property must offer privacy and have a security system in place.
  • Comfort elements and areas. It must have a swimming pool, a garden or a large terrace.
  • Design. Furniture must be of outstanding design and impeccable aesthetics, but it must also be functional and comfortable.
  • Layout. Luxury homes do not necessarily have to be large, but they must be well laid out, with spacious and well-proportioned rooms.

How to choose luxury interior decoration?

The interiors of modern luxury homes are essential. The furniture and ornamental elements chosen must provide the spaces with a sense of comfort and harmony. Trends in luxury home interiors focus on simplicity, minimalism and tidiness, with a prevalence of open-plan designs and abundant natural light.

The decorative elements are kept to a minimum, and priority is given to simple furniture to give a sense of tidiness and spaciousness to the home. The most common materials used in luxury interior designs are wood and steel, and there is a tendency to use rectangular shapes, as well as horizontal and vertical lines.

Walls tend to be plain and simple. The colour palette is also an extremely important factor. The colours used should convey tranquillity and peace to potential buyers, so neutral tones are often chosen.

In general, the decoration and design of luxurious interiors should be focused on achieving unique, calm and cosy spaces that make you want to live in them.

Four modern interior designs

Interiors of modern luxury homes

As mentioned above, the location of luxury homes, as well as the views, is one of the most important elements, and at Sonneil you will find homes with stunning sea views and garden areas, as shown in the image above of one of our residences in Altea.

The glass façade opens up the home to the surrounding landscape and at the same time floods it with natural light. Straight and simple lines can be seen in the furniture, and decorative elements are plain and minimalist, adding to the sense of space. Neutral colours help to convey a calm and welcoming atmosphere.

Interiors of modern luxury homes

This other photograph of our apartments in Canet de Berenguer show home is a clear example of how one of the most important factors in the design and decoration of luxury homes is opening up the interior to the outside landscape, an effect that is achieved with large windows and sliding doors that allow light to pass through.

Other defining characteristics of luxury homes are their landscaped areas or large terraces, as shown in the photograph. Rest areas are an essential requirement when acquiring a property of this type.

As in the previous photograph, the decoration of this home shows the simplicity of straight lines, minimalist decorative details and neutral colours that provide a sense of peace and harmony.

Interiors of modern luxury homes

The kitchens in luxury homes are elegant and well positioned for proper ventilation. Furniture and appliances in luxury kitchens are top of the range and, above all, they must be functional. Drawers and cupboards are spacious for greater storage capacity, and worktops and islands stand out thanks to their uncluttered design. Minimalist kitchens come in lacquered finishes and use colours such as black and white.

This type of kitchens usually have central islands, as can be seen in the image. They also feature state-of-the-art electrical appliances, which are normally built into the furniture, and are usually finished in stainless steel.

Interiors of modern luxury homes

Kitchens represent the family’s meeting place, so trends have evolved towards luxury homes in which the dining room, living room and kitchen are usually part of the same open space. This contributes to a very homely and open-plan feel to the home, as shown in the photograph.

If you want to see more interiors of modern luxury homes, or if you are looking for your new home with these attributes, at Sonneil we will help you find it.