Benalmádena is one of the most beautiful and popular towns on the Costa del Sol, a dream place by the sea that stands out for its beauty and contrasts, and for being an international reference point for leisure and nautical activities. It belongs to the province of Málaga, situated twenty kilometres from the capital, and, despite being a small Andalusian town, visitors are amazed by all that it has to offer. Today, it is one of the most popular destinations, not only for tourism, but also as a place to live. Scroll down and discover what to see in Benalmádena!

What to see and do in Benalmádena?

As mentioned, this coastal town offers so many contrasts that there are many and varied things to see in Benalmádena. The town is divided into three main areas combining the more traditional areas with the more modern ones, which are located on the coast, facing the sea.

Benalmádena centre, the most authentic part of town, is located in the highest point. It is a typical Andalusian town of small white houses and steep streets decorated with plants that create a very charming setting. Situated three hundred metres above sea level, its viewpoints offer stunning views of the coastline.

Arroyo de la Miel, Benalmádena residential area, lies between the higher area and the coastal area. Most of the town’s residents live here, a very lively area where most of the shops, businesses and services are to be found.

The coastal area includes Benalmádena beach, one of the most touristic areas of the Costa del Sol. One of its emblematic points is, without a doubt, the Marina port, a place of great beauty with an innovative design. As the sun goes down, the Marina becomes an excellent leisure centre, thanks to its many exclusive bars, clubs, discotheques and casinos.

What to see in Benalmádena

As for places of interest, Benalmádena has a great cultural and artistic heritage that should not be missed. In this post we are going to look at some of these legendary places, so if you are planning to visit Benalmádena, and wondering what to see and do, here are some of the countless reasons to visit the town.

Plaza de España

A stroll through the old town will take you to the Plaza de España. The entrance is dominated by a beautiful stone archway and forms part of the pedestrianised area of the town. The main feature of the square is that it was built at the end of the 1960s, making it one of the oldest in the area. It is worth mentioning the beautiful fountain in the centre and the famous “La Niña de Benalmádena” bronze sculpture, one of the town’s symbols representing the friendship with the tourists who visit the town. Around the square there is a wide variety of restaurants and terraces which are always very busy.

Colomares Castle

You can visit the emblematic Colomares Castle in the old quarter of Benalmádena. Construction began in 1987 and was completed in 1994, and it is a tribute to Christopher Columbus. Its impressive architecture is a mixture of Neo-Gothic, Neo-Byzantine, Neo-Romanesque and Neo-Mudéjar styles. The castle tells the story of how the discovery and conquest of the American continent came about through different scenes. These include a representation of the three ships that formed part of the expedition.

What to see in Benalmádena

Benalmádena Butterfly Farm

This is the largest space in Europe dedicated to the flight of butterflies. The building is a spectacular Thai-style temple, and the butterfly flight area comprises a beautiful glazed tropical garden measuring nine hundred square metres by eight metres high, filled with gardens and waterfalls. It is estimated that there are about 1,500 butterflies of 150 different species from all over the world. There are also other animals such as chameleons, turtles, birds and fish.

Tibetan Temple

This is the largest Buddhist temple in the West. It is thirty-three metres high and is crowned by a large golden cone with a base of twenty-five metres and a height of twenty-five metres. These temples are usually closed constructions, but the one in Benalmádena has an interior room that can be visited for meditations, as well as exhibitions related to Buddhism. The Tibetan temple is a monument dedicated to peace, which is why hundreds of pilgrims from all over the world come here.

What to see in Benalmádena

How to get to Benalmádena?

Benalmadena can be easily reached by bus from Málaga. The M 110 bus line passes through the María Zambrano train station and stops at Torrenueva, in Benalmádena. The journey takes about forty-five minutes. For those who prefer to travel by train, the C1 line also stops in Benalmádena, and the journey takes thirty minutes.

As you can see, the options of what to see and do in Benalmádena are endless. What more could you ask for?

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