Denia is a wonderful coastal town in the province of Alicante, a special place on the shores of the Mediterranean Sea. The town has a coastline of twenty kilometres of fine, golden sandy beaches, and an enviable climate for most of the year. You can breathe in the scent of history in every corner and in every street of Denia’s town centre, crowned by the majestic castle that stands right in the heart of the town. Another outstanding feature of Denia is its port, with boats coming and going to provide Denia with the best seafood, which makes it an excellent place to enjoy a wonderful gastronomy. In addition, its impressive location next to Cape Sant Antoni, together with the environmental richness of the Montgó natural park, make this municipality a tourist reference, as well as one of the most desirable destinations for living or for purchasing a holiday home. If you are considering buying a property in this Costa Blanca town, in this post we are going to find out which are the best areas to live in Denia.

Las Rotas

This is one of the most exclusive areas of Denia. Located on the south of town, it is ideal if you are looking for a house very close to the sea. The views of the Mediterranean Sea are fantastic and it is a very quiet residential area. In this residential area there are wonderful coves of rocks and pebbles where you can enjoy crystal clear waters and a lot of peace and quiet.

You can also take walks towards Cape Sant Antoni and discover charming places, such as the Tallada cave, which is located at the foot of the Montgó natural park, in the middle of a marine reserve. In terms of shops, there are no supermarkets, so you will have to go to other areas to do your shopping. However, it does have essential services such as pharmacies.

best areas to live in Denia

Montgó mountainside

This area is outside the natural park and is ideal if you are looking for a residence in the middle of nature. This natural park is noted for its stunning sea views and peaceful countryside living. There are many trails through the park, ideal for sporting activities or walking while enjoying the stunning panoramic views.

As it is further away from the centre, you need a car or a taxi to get there. There is a supermarket, but for other essential services such as pharmacies, you will have to go to other areas.

Las Marinas

Las Marinas is located in the northern part of Denia, where you will find most of the sandy beaches. It is about fourteen kilometres long and is the main tourist area. For this reason, during the summer months the population increases, but it is a fairly quiet area during the rest of the year. It has all the services and amenities necessary for day-to-day life, such as supermarkets and pharmacies.

best areas to live in Denia

Town centre

The town centre of Denia extends from the neighbourhood of Les Roques, which preserves the essence of Moorish Denia, a time when people lived around the castle, to the fishermen’s neighbourhood of El Raset and the port. In the town centre, special mention should be made of Calle Loreto, which is one of the liveliest and most popular streets in the town, and Calle Campos, which is the nerve centre of Denia. In the town centre you will find a wide variety of shops, restaurants, leisure facilities and housing with easy access to both the beach and essential services.

La Pedrera

As we ascend the Montgó we find the residential area of La Pedrera, a very quiet location for those who are looking for a place far away from the hustle and bustle of everyday life and in contact with nature. In La Pedrera there is a hospital, as well as several parks and cafés, but the downside is that you have to drive for most things.

Monte Pego

This is a very quiet residential area made up of beautiful and spacious villas. As it is built on the hillside and is only five kilometres from the beach, it has spectacular views of the Mediterranean Sea. Monte Pego is about fifteen minutes from the centre of Denia, ten minutes from the best beaches and only five minutes from shops and supermarkets. There are restaurants and cafes as well as several tennis courts.

best areas to live in Denia

Where is the best area to live in Denia?

The Les Roques neighbourhood in the old town, as well as the more exclusive residential area of Las Rotas, are the best areas to live in Denia according to surveys conducted among the local population. Both areas are considered to offer a better quality of life based on a series of factors. Such as public transport, suitability for walking and cycling, traffic and parking, roads and open spaces, house prices, security, and care and maintenance.

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