If buying a house on the beach is your dream, what are you waiting for to make it come true? Living on the coast has many advantages, as well as having a home where you can escape to in order to reduce stress and during your holiday periods. For this, the Spanish Mediterranean coast is the ideal place. A paradise with nature, good weather, services… In this post, we tell you the reasons to buy a house on the beach and give you the best tips to find the house you are looking for.

Why buy a house on the beach?

Buying a house on the beach is always a good choice. If you’re still not sure, read on! 👇

Lifestyle and health

At a time when stress and dissatisfaction seem to reign supreme in our daily lives, living near the sea and breathing the coastal air brings us calm and helps us to relax. And science says so! For example, Matthew White, a professor at the University of Exeter, researched the impact of moving near the sea and concluded that the environmental changes of the coast, such as tides, changes in sound and light or the movement of the waves, generate a calming energy that diverts us from negative thoughts. In addition, oxygen helps us to reduce our blood pressure and improves the quality of our sleep.

buying a house on the beach


If you are looking to make a profitable investment that will give you sure profits, buying a house on the beach is an ideal option. Especially on the Mediterranean coast, a favourite destination for foreigners looking to enjoy the good weather and rent homes not only in summer, but throughout the year. At Sonneil Rentals we help you to manage your holiday rental property so that you get the most for your money.

Leisure and good weather

Of course, the hours of sunshine and the mild climate on the Mediterranean coast are the most sought after when buying a house on the beach. On the Costa Blanca you enjoy more than 2,800 hours of sunshine a year, and on the Costa del Sol more than 2,900. This means that outdoor activities and leisure time are much more enjoyable. Water sports, hiking, walks on the beach, aperitifs in the sun… Who gives more?

Tips for choosing the perfect beach house

When buying a beach house, follow these tips to choose the perfect home:

Proximity to the sea

Why not? The proximity to the sea is one of the most important points if you want to live on the coast. Although the price of the houses closer to the beach is higher, waking up every day with sea views is priceless. Imagine summer evenings dining on your terrace while listening to the murmur of the waves. At Sonneil, we even offer developments with direct access to the beach, such as La Morera Playa in Marbella.


Living near the sea, especially on the Mediterranean coast, gives you the opportunity to enjoy the good weather all year round and spend a lot of time outdoors. For this reason, buying a house in a residential area with good facilities is an important point to take into account. Swimming pools, green areas, areas with exercise machines, chill-out areas, multi-sports courts, promenades… Sonneil Homes developments offer a wide variety of facilities so that you can make the most of your life on the coast.

Buying a house on the beach
Facilities for residents at Benidorm Beach


Because living surrounded by nature does not mean being isolated. The coastal areas of the Spanish coast are very well prepared for you to have all the services you need at a short distance from home. Supermarkets, banks, schools and colleges, health centres, restaurants… Everything is ready for you to enjoy a comfortable life. In addition, the most important transport hubs are within easy reach, such as Alicante-Elche International Airport on the Costa Blanca and Malaga Airport on the Costa del Sol.

Open spaces

What would be the point of buying a house on the beach without ample outdoor space? Look for a property in which the terrace plays a special role. Make it spacious and, if possible, with sea views, it will become your favourite place in the house! In addition, the large windows and glass windows that favour the connection between the exterior and interior spaces are a plus. You will get all the light from the coast into the house and it will seem as if the environment is part of your home.

Conclusion: Buying a house on the beach is an excellent choice.

Confirmed: Buying a house on the beach is a great option. If you are already looking for your perfect home, at Sonneil we offer the most exclusive developments in the most privileged areas of the Spanish coastline. We will help you find it!