December is here and the year has only a few days left in the calendar. After 12 months dedicating part of our blog to vitamins for the good life, to those little things that make everything worthwhile, we want to dedicate the last month to the most powerful vitamin of all.

It is the kind that takes us in, comforts us after a hard day, welcomes us with open arms whenever we come back to it: home.

Make the most of the holidays and enjoy family dinners, afternoons on the sofa, the smell of a cake baking in the kitchen or quiet mornings looking out to sea. Because our home is the best vitamin we have.

Ways to make your home feel more cosy

In order for your home to be your safe haven, a place where you can regain your strength, it is important that you design cosy spaces that soothe you.

Here are some tips to turn your home into the cosiest place in the world.

Choose warm colours

A soft, warm colour palette is a safe choice for a cosy home. Many people choose white or grey for their walls, but it’s best to go for shades of ochre or beige. The same applies to decoration.


And to prevent everything from being too plain and monochrome, you can add touches of colour in cushions, rugs, paintings… but keep it simple and avoid overdoing it with strident pieces such as a red sofa, for example.

Wooden touches

Wood can instantly add warmth to a room, even if it’s just with small touches in the form of stools or tables. You can create a cosy home with wooden floors, furniture such as chests of drawers or shelves, or useful objects such as bowls and trays. What’s more, wooden furniture is versatile, durable and adapts to almost any style. Cosiness is guaranteed!

Combine textures

Combine different fabrics in rugs, blankets, curtains, pillowcases, upholstery… don’t hesitate, textures give your home personality, warmth and depth. Just imagine a kitchen with steel stools and another one with upholstered stools, a rug in front of the sink, curtains… A great way to balance straight and hard structures.

Surround yourself with plants and flowers

Indoor plants or vases of fresh flowers not only bring joy and colour to spaces, but also relax us and make us feel more in touch with nature, especially if you live in a city area where you don’t get to see green spaces throughout the day. Plants, flowers… and also fruits and vegetables bring a lot of life and make any room a more welcoming place.


Benefits of feeling good at home

Feeling comfortable and at ease at home is a luxury that not everyone enjoys. That’s why we should appreciate it. It means less anxiety, better stress control, more time to think and organise one’s life…

Recently, we have been spending more time at home than usual, and we have learned to value those moments of peace. These are the benefits of being at home:

Taking care of your mental health

We all need some time alone or with those closest to us to refuel, to sort out our priorities… in short: to think. Spending some time relaxing at home will make it easier for you to approach your work and social relationships in a more relaxed way and with renewed strength.


And if you don’t like spending time alone, you can organise a game night, watch a movie with friends… you’ll find that having a place for you and your loved ones will make it easier to reconnect with what really matters.

A bonus for your overall health

Being at home gives you more time to prepare tasty, healthy food and avoid the rich, hearty dishes we usually eat in bars and restaurants. We also avoid areas with heavy traffic and pollution, to name just one example. And we have the opportunity to take time for things like bubble baths, home workouts, skin care, meditation…

More savings

Avoiding transport, petrol, eating out… all of that, little by little, can help you save and manage your money more effectively. This way, you can spend it on trips or getaways with fewer financial restrictions. You will also feel less need to renew your wardrobe or go to the hairdresser, for instance.

More knowledge

You have a day off. You have no plans. You’re at home, and you don’t quite know what to do. Then you remember that documentary you’ve been meaning to watch for a long time. Or that book you’ve been putting aside. Or that online painting course you were given as a present.


Being at home can become an opportunity to learn, because we free our minds from the little things that take up our daily lives and find a space we can fill with new knowledge. History, art, music, cinema… the options are endless.

We hope that in 2021 you were able to enjoy your home, a space where you can be yourself and refill your vitamins. And, if you still haven’t found your perfect home, we are here to help you.