January is the perfect month to detox, catch a breath of fresh air and cleanse the energy in your space. We had to start our list of #VitaminsFortheGoodLife with the sea. On the Spanish coast we live right in front of the Mediterranean Sea. It is present in our daily life. Looking at it in the morning is a privilege. Who wants jewellery, cars…? Luxury is in the sea breeze on your skin, which makes your problems seem insignificant. Because a walk along the beach is the best medicine against any troubles.

Benefits of the sea

In addition to helping you relax and meditate, the sea and its surroundings have many benefits for our physical and mental health. This might be the reason why we enjoy living in the Mediterranean so much!

  • It helps to heal. Thanks to the combination of sea salt and iodine from seaweed.
  • It provides minerals. It has a composition very similar to blood plasma.
  • It is great for joints, lungs and skin. The walks on the beach, the seaweed, the sun… it all helps in the recovery of rheumatic and respiratory diseases and skin problems. The key is trace elements and iodine from the sea.
  • Strong muscles. Walk with the water above your knees and see how your strides strengthen your leg muscles.
  • Feel the privilege. That always helps, doesn’t it?

The sea in art

Throughout history, artists have reflected their passion for the sea in many ways. Rough, calm, crystalline, turbid, as a refuge or as an adventure. The fascination for the sea has always been with us.


The Japanese painter and printmaker Hokusai is the author of this well-known piece, The Great Wave off Kanagawa. It depicts an impetuous sea facing a small boat, and the foam of the waves almost looks like claws. In the distance, we see Mount Fuji.


Popularly known as the ‘Painter of Light’, Turner is an impressive landscaper. In his paintings, the sea and the light always take a leading role, and they do so with all their strength, with an energy that only nature can achieve. As in Snow Storm, in which a tiny steam boat struggles not to sink.


And let’s not forget Joaquín Sorolla. The Valencian painter knew how to portray the sea of the Spanish eastern coast like no one else. His paintings reflect the role of the Mediterranean Sea in the lives and routines of the people, as in The Little Yacht, where a child plays on the peaceful shore of El Cabañal beach in Valencia. A sea that fills everything with light and beauty.

Not to mention some iconic songs such as Sitting on The Dock of the Bay, by Otis Redding, The Love Boat by Charles Fox and Paul Williams and, of course, Mediterráneo, by Joan Manuel Serrat. Here is our playlist, carefully selected to bring you closer to the sea even if you are far away.

After talking about the sea, we feel like soaking our feet in the water, so we leave it here for now. If you have a chance to take some #VitaminSea this month, let us know!