May is perhaps the month when our landscapes are at their most beautiful. The land is dressed in colour and the fields are yielding fruit. This is the time to enjoy nature, to walk endlessly and discover natural sites where you can breathe in the fresh air.

Here is our tribute to the land we walk on.

Hiking trails in Spain

What better way to get in touch with the land than walking through the mountains? In Spain we enjoy more than just the sea. The mountains also offer us breathtaking views and, on top of that, they keep us fit and in shape.

Here are three of our favourite hiking trails:

The Emperor Charles V Route

This is one of the most special hiking trails in Spain, because it combines nature and history. Those who love our history will have a great time following in the footsteps of Charles I of Spain and V of Germany. We love the stretch between Tornavacas and Jarandilla de la Vera, which leads to the Monastery of Yuste, where the emperor spent the last days of his life. No wonder our ancient king chose this route, because the green landscapes, the rivers and streams and the constructions are impressive.


Riolobos Canyon

Located between Burgos and Soria and covering more than 10,000 hectares, the biodiversity of this landscape will take your breath away. Golden eagles, falcons, vultures, otters, pines, junipers… and much more, because the Riolobos Canyon also has cultural heritage such as the Hermitage of San Bartolomé. With the exception of some stony areas and the occasional climb, the trail is fairly easy.

The Pantaneros route

Do you like suspension bridges? Then this trail is for you. The Pantaneros route is called this way because it is the path taken by the workers who built the Loriguilla reservoir, from the town of Chulilla to the construction site. It is just over 5 km long and the best part is crossing the Turia canyon, with rock walls that are over 80 metres high. It’s great for the whole family.

Bike trails

A great way to discover routes and hidden corners is on two wheels. In fact, cycling is a widespread sport in Spain, and many people choose to cycle around Spain during their holidays.

It is difficult to choose, but at Sonneil we have managed to agree on the most impressive cycling trails in Spain. The TransAndalus in Andalusia, the Costa da Morte, the Don Quixote route… and even one that goes from Athens to Cádiz! In this post we tell you all about them. Are you up for it?

Crops in Spain

While we’re on the subject of the land, we cannot forget the importance of agriculture in Spain. The cultivation of the land not only provides us with food, but has also shaped the landscape of many areas of our country, such as the fields of Castilla La Mancha, the vineyards of La Rioja and the market gardens of Murcia.


Some of the crops that predominate in Spanish agriculture are:

  • Cereals. The centre of Spain fascinated writers such as Antonio Machado in his collection of poems Fields of Castile. Barley, wheat and corn are three of the cereals that cover the incredible Castilian landscapes.
  • Olive. What would Spain be without its olive oil? The olive is the star of the south, especially in Jaén, a province known for its olive groves. 64% of all the olive oil produced in Spain is produced each year in the area between Jaén and Córdoba.
  • Fruit trees. Many varieties of fruit are grown in our fields. But citrus fruits stand out, especially oranges, lemons and mandarins. Among the others, we find apple trees, cherry trees, peach trees, etc., that cover the Mediterranean strip from Murcia to Tarragona.

In this tribute to the land, we cannot forget one thing: to take care of it and respect it so that we can enjoy its landscapes for many centuries to come. Here is our playlist with songs about the land, the environment, fields and mountains. Enjoy!