The Valencian coast is known for the beauty of its towns, most of which are linked to a wonderful gastronomy, to a spectacular location, to an enviable climate that lasts almost all year round, and to its marvellous beaches of fine golden sand. It is fair to say that the most beautiful towns on the Valencian coast are genuine scenic and cultural gems that are well worth a visit, and even worth spending a few days strolling through their streets and soaking up their Mediterranean tradition. 

There are many charming coastal towns in the Valencian region, but this post includes the ones we consider to be the most beautiful and well worth a visit.


Cullera is a lovely town on the Valencian coast, located on the shores of the Mediterranean, just thirty-eight kilometres from Valencia. In addition to its extensive beaches of fine, golden sand and clean, calm waters, it has an exclusive location between the Zorros mountain, which is home to the emblematic castle of Muslim origin now converted into a beautiful sanctuary, and the mouth of the river Júcar.

Cullera has an important historical and artistic heritage. The old quarter stands out for its unique beauty, with more than a hundred buildings protected for their great architectural value, such as the municipal market, the teaching house, its castle, which now houses a municipal museum, the sanctuary of the Virgin of the castle, the Dragut cave or the Marenyet tower, to mention just a few of the most outstanding.

Furthermore, the beaches of Cullera are wide and quiet, some more crowded than others, and you can practise water sports and even scuba diving. As for the activities on offer, it is worth mentioning its patron saint festivals, the Fallas, and a wide range of training and cultural activities available throughout the year.

most beautiful towns Valencian coast


Gandía is another charming town on the coast of Valencia and one of the most popular with national and international tourists. It has two well differentiated areas. On the one hand, we have Gandía and the Grau, which is considered to be the fishing area and closest to the coast, and on the other hand, about three kilometres away, we have the old town and its historic centre. One of the main appeals of Gandía are its wonderful beaches of fine golden sand that stretch along seven kilometres of coastline. Some are quieter and some are busier, but all have excellent services and facilities.

But Gandía offers more than just sun and beaches, as it has an extensive historical, cultural and architectural legacy. In the old town, the Ducal palace of the Borja family, the Santa Clara museum and archaeological museum, the Plaza Mayor, and the Collegiate Church of Santa María are all outstanding. Gandía is also popular for its many shops, as well as for its shopping centre, La Vital, which offers cinemas, restaurants and other shops.

Gandía offers many possibilities for leisure, gastronomy, nature and history, with the Mediterranean Sea as a backdrop.

most beautiful towns Valencian coast


The town of Oliva is located in the province of Valencia, about seventy-seven kilometres from the capital. It is a coastal town well known for its fantastic beaches, but it has many more charms than we might think, such as its enormous mountain scenery, its dune beaches and its charming old town. Oliva is home to the Font Salada, which is a kind of underground spring of thermal waters where you can bathe all year round, and also the Marjal Pego-Oliva Natural Park, a lagoon separated from the sea by a dune belt, offering stunningly beautiful views along its route.

The old town of Oliva is a must-see. In the old Moorish Raval there is a unique viewpoint from which you can enjoy incredible panoramic views. What’s more, strolling through the streets of Oliva takes you back in time. It is without doubt one of the most beautiful towns on the Valencian coast.


The small town of Xeraco is situated some sixty-one kilometres from Valencia, between the towns of Cullera and Gandía. It has one of the best beaches in Valencia, and its landscape is a wonderful contrast between the sea and the rugged mountains.

most beautiful towns Valencian coast

But Xeraco is more than just sea and mountains, it also has a beautiful and interesting historical heritage that is worth visiting, such as the Hermitage of Santísimo Cristo de la Agonía, the Church of Nuestra Señora de la Encarnación, the Cisterna —an old cistern— or the Guaita Tower, which was used to keep watch over the east coast. Xeraco also boasts excellent gastronomy. Its baked rice is very popular and one of its greatest culinary delights.

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