Post-Covid housing is the result of the times we live in. Our lives are being influenced, not only by wearing a mask or social distancing. The very concept of home and, above all, its design and space distribution, have been put up for debate, and the preferences of those who are looking for a new home reflect the change in our needs. The prestigious publication Architectural Digest already predicted this a few months ago: “The way we create spaces to live and work will be drastically different”.

Because the good life begins when you live in a home you like.

Balcony, terrace, garden…

Never before has it been so important to be able to enjoy the outdoors without having to leave home. Sitting out on the balcony, taking a nap on the terrace, dining with a view of the sea… things are better this way. In addition, a good connection between the terrace and exterior areas and the interior of the house allows for air renewal and provides broad views, making the room look bigger. Balconies, terraces and gardens are no longer areas that are rarely used, but rather have become essential. And natural light always helps to see life more brightly. 😉

Outdoor spaces

In addition to having outdoor areas at home, common areas are also a plus. Having (almost) everything you need in your residential block makes life easier and avoids the need to go outside to get fresh air and enjoy a bit of leisure time.

Swimming pool, spa, garden areas, gym, gastro-bar, chill-out area, playground, running track and sports courts such as paddle and basketball courts… there is even a cinema for the more fortunate ones. Among our developments, Benidorm Beach, Gran Canet Residencial and One Residences stand out for their wonderful common areas.

Post-Covid housing
One Residences

Quiet, but well connected

When trying to avoid big crowds, homes in exclusive areas with wide streets and spaces in calm residential neighbourhoods earn points. The quality of life in these areas is the most valued aspect and, fortunately, teleworking allows us to live far away from work without having to worry about the distance. The distance between home and work is no longer a problem.

And, since living outside the city centre does not mean being isolated, the availability of services close to home and good transport connections to other areas are also increasingly important. Supermarkets, restaurants, pharmacies, gyms… new developments provide all kinds of services to their residents.

Large kitchens

We have already gotten used to cleaning everything we buy before using or storing it. Therefore, having a large, spacious kitchen with large countertops that are easy and quick to clean is more necessary than ever. The ventilation provided by large spaces is also a plus when cooking, because it allows the fumes and vapours to leave the room faster.

And, if you have a sea view, all the better!

Post-Covid housing
Denia Beach

Online search and visits

One of the trends in the real estate sector that has come to stay is online house hunting. This saves potential buyers a lot of time, trips from one area to another, transportation… And thanks to real estate agencies specialising in the digital sector, such as Sonneil, the search is much more personalised and adapted to the customer’s needs.

We provide our customers with tools such as our website, as well as weekly webinars in which we present our different developments and the possibility of visiting the properties virtually.

If you are looking for a new home, we hope that you find the one you are dreaming of! And if not, what better time to consider starting a new life on the coast? At Sonneil, we will help you.