Smooth sailing at the best sailing clubs in Spain

Travelling and adventure sports shape —and unite— the spirit of free souls.

In this sense, sailing and water sports have a component of freedom and community that only the sea can offer.

Sailing clubs make it possible for sea enthusiasts to come together in one place. So they can share and nourish their passion.

If you like sailing, today at Sonneil we are pleased to introduce you to the best sailing clubs in Spain. Because the good life is about taking advantage of the favourable wind.

The best sailing clubs in Spain | Top Sonneil

The best sailing clubs in Spain are spread all over the territory, but today at Sonneil we will focus on those in the Mediterranean coast. They give you the chance to enjoy all the wonders that this sea has to offer from the water. Because there is a lot to discover on the Spanish coast.

One Ocean Port Vell, Barcelona cutting-edge technology for sailing

To talk about One Ocean Port Vell is to talk about luxury and exquisiteness, which enrich the experience not only of sailing, but also of sharing hobbies.

One Ocean Port Vell is among the most exclusive sailing clubs in Spain, where luxury does not mean opulence, but rather the opposite: preserving the essence of sailing, where everything is planned so that nothing is missing in your sea adventures.

Its building was part of the ’92 Olympics. Sounds great, doesn’t it?

Features of One Ocean Port Vell

  • A wellness area dedicated to physiotherapy, nutrition and osteopathy to take care of yourself before or after a sailing trip.
  • A 24-hour gym where you can get personalized training, equipped with machines with Technogym technology.
  • A port that allows the berthing of yachts up to 190 meters.

Real Club Náutico de Palma, tradition and prestige

With over half a century of history behind it, the Real Club Náutico de Palma in Palma de Mallorca is perhaps the most prestigious sailing club in Spain. And that is why it is chosen every year by the Spanish royal family to enjoy their sailing holidays.

The Real Club Náutico de Palma has welcomed and continues to welcome the elite of the sailing scene.

Thus, the Real Club Náutico de Palma not only offers one of the best infrastructures to practice this sport,  but is also a reference point when it comes to mobilizing and uniting the community, thanks to the regattas it organizes at an international level.

Named ‘Best Sailing Club in Spain’ in 1998, today it continues to be an international benchmark.

What’s the best part? Its location in the heart of the Mediterranean makes it possible to sail to islands and archipelagos that are true paradises, just a short distance away.

Features of the Real Club Náutico de Palma

  • Gymnasium equipped with all comforts.
  • Outdoor swimming pool for the summer months.
  • Heated indoor swimming pool with sea views.
  • Bar for exclusive use by members.
  • Restaurant offering fresh seafood and local cuisine.

Puerto Portals, Mediterranean glamour

Puerto Portals is a synonym for beauty and glamour. Because that’s what sailing clubs are for too. It is a reference and meeting point not only for sportsmen, but also for artists, politicians and celebrities who gather here.

Located in an old and humble fishing port, today Puerto Portals is a symbol of luxury on all four sides.

Features of Puerto Portals

  • Facilities that include a commercial area, a wellness centre and restaurants.
  • 700 berths.
  • Fashion boutiques.

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And, after sailing, what about playing golf for a while?