Mijas is one of the jewels of the Costa del Sol. And there are many reasons for this. For example, the Moorish heritage of its streets, which make Mijas a unique and peculiar town. Nestled in the foothills, Mijas looks like a white oasis among the mountains. Can you imagine living in such a paradise? At Sonneil, we help you find your home in Mijas.

Read on and discover one of the wonders of Malaga par excellence.

Mijas town: an Andalusian fairy tale

Cobbled streets, white façades, balconies with flowers… yes, Mijas looks like a fairy tale. An Andalusian fairy tale.

Experience the tradition and joy of the south in the best way: strolling through the town centre (be prepared for the hills!) or riding around town in one of the popular donkey-taxis. Flowerpots give touches of pink, yellow, violet… our favourite alleys are Calle de los Gitanos, Calle de las Flores and Calle Coín.

Things to do in Mijas

From Greeks to Muslims, Phoenicians, Romans and Visigoths, Mijas was cherished by many civilisations, before being reconquered by Isabella I of Castile in the 15th century. And it is hardly surprising, because Mijas seems to have been designed to be enjoyed.

Start at the Plaza Virgen de la Peña, where the Town Hall is located, and continue along the beautiful hermitage of the Virgen de la Peña -dug out of the rock by a friar over the course of thirty years-, Calle Málaga and its shops, the old town hall and the ethnographic museum, the Fuente de los Siete Caños fountain… and finish with the Paseo de la Muralla, where the views of the Mediterranean Sea are breathtaking.

Mijas Costa: living for the sea

One thing we love about Mijas is that we can choose between the tranquillity and tradition of Mijas town and the summer bustle of Mijas Costa, one of the best known beach destinations on the coast of Malaga.

Things to do in Mijas
  • La Cala, for instance, also known as Butibamba, is a narrow beach with calm waters. A stroll along its promenade and a swim afterwards makes it a real treat.
  • The beach of Calahonda, is one of the most visited by locals due to the quality of its waters and the services available.
  • For those who love landscapes and photography, Cabo Rocoso beach is surrounded by cliffs that create an impressive setting. Sunsets at this beach are breathtaking.

The beaches of El Bombo and El Faro complete the list, and now it’s up to you to choose your ideal beach!

Nature in Mijas

Mijas would not be the same without its mountains. The Sierra de Mijas adds natural value, cleans the air and, at the same time, creates an impressive landscape that makes Mijas look like a mere spectator. The sea on one side, the mountains on the other.

Starting from El Mirador in Mijas town, there are a series of signposted hiking trails that will help you explore this marvellous spot on your own. Hiking options are available for all ages and fitness levels. One of the most impressive is the route to Pico Mijas, which reaches an altitude of 1150 metres. However, due to its steepness and length, it is reserved for more advanced hikers.

Things to do in Mijas

A different -and more relaxed- way to enjoy the natural environment is to visit any of the golf courses that surround Mijas. The Costa del Sol is also known as the “golf coast” because of the number of top quality courses available in the area.

At La Cala Resort you have three courses to choose from: America Course, Asia Course and Europa Course, all with spectacular scenery and wildlife. Not to mention Mijas Golf Club, La Noria Golf Resort, La Siesta Golf Club, Chaparral Golf Club… If you don’t play, it’s because you don’t want to.


If there is one thing the Costa del Sol does well, it is cooking. With local and diverse produce of unbeatable quality, the fish and vegetable dishes will make you drool. Come to Mijas on an empty stomach, because you will want to try EVERYTHING.

Like any good Andalusian town, Mijas offers a gastronomic selection with the best of Southern Spanish cuisine. And that is not all, because the influx of visitors from all parts of the country and abroad means that the restaurants in Mijas cater to the tastes of different parts of the world. In short, here you will find traditional gastronomy with contemporary and international touches. What more could you ask for?

  • If you want to recharge your batteries with some of the star dishes of the Mediterranean Diet -and for some amazing views-, El Capricho is one of the best choices.
  • If you prefer to try other flavours and fancy something hearty, don’t miss Casa Navarra. The best Basque-Navarrese gastronomy, beef, and artichokes with clams that take all your troubles away.
  • If you fancy something different, your place is Martirio Limón, where the traditional Mediterranean dishes get a touch of fusion cuisine. For example: salmon supreme with Asian touches, or tabbouleh, mint and seasonal fruit salad.

Hopefully you will be able to visit the village soon and discover on your own all the things to do in Mijas. And now you know, at Sonneil, we can help you find your home in Mijas. We can’t wait to see you!

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