Jávea is one of the best-known towns on the Costa Blanca, and it will not disappoint visitors. It has everything one looks for when visiting this part of the Mediterranean: the sea, beaches, incredible views, endless sea breezes, a perfect climate to enjoy the outdoors…

That’s why at Sonneil we offer properties in Jávea where you can live the Mediterranean life at its best.

Discover what to see in Jávea and watch out: you might fall in love.

Visiting Jávea – historic centre

The centre of Jávea, as in other towns in this area, is a reminder of the town’s medieval past. Narrow cobbled streets, white façades to soften the summer heat, arched doorways, wrought iron balconies, flower pots… and traces of medieval architecture, for example, the defensive walls, which protected the town from pirate attacks.

Take a look at the ‘tosca‘, a type of porous stone that is very typical of this area and in which many of the lintels of the town’s old houses are carved.

What to do in Jávea

Stroll through its historic centre for a trip back in time and visit its old buildings, such as the gothic church of San Bartolomé, the Town Hall, the Abastos market, or houses like the Palau dels Sapena, from the 15th century, or the Casa dels Bolufer, from the 18th century.

Apart from the buildings, the town centre of Jávea has a warm and friendly atmosphere that makes you feel at home. Shops selling traditional products, bars and cafés… and a weekly street market where the locals shop. In short, this is a place where you can experience the Mediterranean with all five senses.

Beaches of Jávea

The northern part of Alicante is famous for its coves with crystal clear waters. While some of them are difficult to access, it is well worth exploring them and admiring this marvel of nature. These are our top picks:

  • Granadella Cove. This is the most popular, the most sought-after, the one that receives the most visitors, the most beautiful… To access Granadella cove you have to wear suitable footwear and be very attentive to what you step on, but you will be blown away by what awaits you in this corner in the rocks. It also has beach bars where you can spend some time eating and drinking with stunning views of the sea. It is best to come in the months of June and September.
  • Moraig Cove. To reach this beautiful cove you have to travel a little to the south of Jávea. What stands out most about it is the contrast between the deep blue of the sea and the great cliffs that plunge into it. This is a 500-metre-long stretch where life is reduced to swimming and marvelling at the clear waters. And don’t miss the Cova dels Arcs, which seems to be carved out of the rock.
What to do in Jávea
  • Sardinera Cove. The best thing about this small beach is the peace and quiet, as it is not very crowded, even on summer days. It is a pristine cove that can be reached on foot from the Creu de Portixol viewpoint. Don’t you worry, the path is very easy and at the end you will be rewarded with a crystal-clear sea.

What to eat in Jávea

As usual on the Costa Blanca, the Mediterranean is the star of Jávea’s cuisine. Top quality ingredients, prepared to the highest standards and of the healthiest possible quality. We are staying for lunch in Jávea.

Gastronomy and typical products of Jávea

Jávea’s gastronomy speaks of its location on the Mediterranean coast, its history and its climate, favourable for the cultivation of fruit and vegetables. Rice, pulses, spices such as saffron and dried red pepper, tomatoes, figs…

The fertile fields and vegetable gardens, as well as the use of all that the sea has to offer, make Jávea’s cuisine something you cannot miss.

What to do in Jávea

There is even a quality brand, “Fish and seafood from the Bay of Jávea”, which guarantees the origin of the fish and seafood. There is also a very peculiar product that is one of the signs of identity of the town: the sea urchin.

Not to mention the salted fish, a method for preserving fish that dates back to Roman times and today produces such authentic products as salted anchovies, tuna, bonito, sardines…

Restaurants in Jávea

  • Bon Amb. Bon Amb, a two Michelin-starred restaurant set in a restored country house surrounded by beautiful gardens, is not to be missed by the most discerning gourmets. Its chef, Alberto Ferruz, takes advantage of the best ingredients from the Marina Alta region to create spectacular dishes based on fish, seafood, vegetables…
  • Tula. Tula, situated in a privileged location in front of the Arenal beach, also has a Michelin star and is run by Borja Susilla and Clara Puig, former students of the renowned Quique Dacosta. Market cuisine is their forte, and they use innovative techniques such as Ike Jime, a way of sacrificing fish that intensifies its flavour. The Michelin Guide recommends their caramelised rice pudding.
  • Embruix. We love a meal by the sea at Embruix, as it is one of Jávea’s favourite eateries, and that says a lot in its favour. From the old town house in which it is located to the tradition that radiates from its dishes, Embruix is definitely a safe bet.
What to do in Jávea
© Embruix

What to see around Jávea

If there is one thing that makes the province of Alicante stand out, it is its coastline. And the north of the Costa Blanca is a perfect example of the natural wealth, tradition and good climate of this corner of the Mediterranean.

In the area around Jávea we find exceptional places such as the popular town Denia, one of the most sought-after destinations for those seeking to relax and unwind. Its castle and the Baix la Mar neighbourhood are its hallmarks, along with its incomparable gastronomy, represented by the famous chef Quique Dacosta.

To the south of Jávea is Poble Nou de Benitatxell and its well-known Moraig Cove. Next stop is Moraira, also famous for its old town, its watchtower and its coves. And of course Benissa, with its “Cathedral of the Marina Alta” and a beautiful medieval old town. Finally, we recommend Calpe and the iconic Penyal d’Ifac Natural Park, one of the most identifiable rock formations in our country.

If you are more of a mountain person, the Marina Alta has picturesque villages nestled in the rock, rugged caves, walls, castles… and valleys where walking and enjoying the views is a luxury.

We really hope you will be able to visit Jávea soon and discover all this and much more in first hand. And now you know, at Sonneil, we can help you find your home in Jávea. We can’t wait to see you!

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