If If there is one thing that makes August so special, it is that, for many, it is the moment they have been waiting for all year: the time to relax.

After a season of stress, routines and early mornings, August is an opportunity to enjoy endless afternoons on the beach, lazy mornings in bed and lots and lots of time to take care of yourself.

Spain’s best places to relax

Spain is full of beautiful landscapes and areas that seem designed to make you relax and forget about everything. Here are our top picks:


Spend as much time as you like strolling along the beaches of Los Bateles or Fuente del Gallo, and wait for the sun to set. Impressive, isn’t it? Conil’s is one of the most incredible sunsets we have ever seen. Conil’s sandy beaches are wide and of fine sand, and its unspoilt coves are like a natural spa. Shall we go to Cádiz?

Canary Islands

Get away from it all, and we mean it, here on Spain’s least urbanised islands. On Fuerteventura, in addition to its black sandy beaches, we recommend the dunes of Corralejo and the towns of El Cotillo and Morro Jable. Peace and quiet were born here.

And let’s not forget Lanzarote, with the magnificent constructions of the artist César Manrique, who gave the island that personality that makes it unique and different from the rest. And the vineyards: who could refuse an afternoon of wine tasting?

The Albufera of Valencia

Valencia is a city full of life, events and hustle and bustle. But just a few minutes away we find a haven of peace, a natural oasis, home to a wide variety of species, that takes us back to a time when everything moved at a slower pace.

Ideal for getting away from the hustle and bustle while enjoying the sunset on a boat, surrounded by rice plantations, in the forest, on the beach, in the dunes… There is a reason why this ecosystem is chosen by many birds that breed here, as well as fish and insects, surrounded by centenary trees… Also, this is where the paella was invented. That alone makes it worthwhile!

Fragas do Eume

This spot in La Coruña looks like something out of a fairy tale. A practically untouched forest, with dense vegetation combined with clear streams, fountains and waterfalls.

In fact, it is one of the best preserved Atlantic riverside forests in Europe, and only 500 people live in its 9,000 hectares. What could be more relaxing than that?


Tips for getting away from it all

We all love to unwind, but sometimes it’s hard to do so. We are so used to a fast-paced life that stopping feels strange. Don’t worry, here are some tips that can help you:

Spend your free time on the beach

And don’t take your mobile phone with you, please! Read, walk, swim… or do NOTHING! They say that going to the beach helps us to sleep better, to make our joints stronger, to improve our breathing, to cleanse and mitigate the ageing of our skin…

For all this, and to forget about your routine, here are our favourite beaches, where you can forget about stress and just enjoy yourself.

Let’s get moving!

Yes, physical exercise helps us to relax. It also frees our mind, because we direct our attention to our movements, our breathing… rather than to other things. And we release endorphins, the happiness hormones, which free us from stress and improve our self-esteem and confidence.

What’s more, on the Spanish coast you can exercise outdoors thanks to the good weather we have almost all year round. Take a look at all the activities you can do.


Page after page

Reading is a must on this list. Especially before going to sleep. According to the European Sleep Institute, people who read before going to bed sleep better than those who tend to fall asleep with their phones in their hands or the TV on.

At night, the brain needs to rest in order for the whole organism to restore the energy spent during the day, which is why reading is an excellent way to relax. But if you’re in a book frenzy, it might make you lose sleep!

The most remote places in the world

If none of the above works for you, you may have to adopt extreme measures, like visiting some of the most remote places in the world. What do you think about that?

Such as the Aral Sea, between Uzbekistan and Kazakhstan. It’s actually a desert, but it used to be a great inland sea. Today, only the rusting ships remind us of the harbours of the past, like the one in Moynaq.

Or Tonga, a country made up of 176 islands in the Polynesian region. Only 36 of them are inhabited, and they stand out for the preservation of their culture and nature, with impressive beaches, reefs, atolls…

Or the Valley of the Geysers, in the Russian peninsula of Kamchatka, very close to Alaska. Imagine how remote it is, that it can only be reached by helicopter.  But it has its rewards: a landscape with more than 200 geysers, 20 thermal springs… and perpetual plumes of smoke.

Whatever you decide, make the most of August to take care of yourself and forget about stress. And here is our playlist with great songs for your moments of relaxation.

Have a good rest!