Welcome to the best beaches in Torrevieja: where vacation postcards become a reality.

Paradise beaches that bring together, within a few meters, everything you need; beaches isolated from the world; perfect beaches to spend the day surfing… This is just one example of things you can find in the best beaches of Torrevieja.

Do you want to know more? Stay tuned because today at Sonneil we will take you on a tour of our favorite beaches in Torrevieja. Grab your sunblock and… come with us!

Because the good life has a salty taste.

Best beaches in Torrevieja

Acequión beach, a summertime picture

If we say “urban beach in the Mediterranean”, you will probably think of the typical picture of a fine sandy beach with a background of buildings, right? Acequion beach is exactly like that and it offers you everything you need to relax. In addition, of course, you can enjoy a good traditional Alicante paella at the beach bar.

Because cliches are also true. And this beach is the paradigm of the summer essence.

And, if you want to take a break from the urban atmosphere, the wild nature of Doña Sinforosa Park is very close by.

La Mata beach, kilometres of relaxation

A beach of no more and no less than 2 kilometres long, where the fine sand is like a huge hammock where you can rest… and forget about everything else. With a long promenade, and fewer tall buildings by the sea, it is one of the best beaches in Torrevieja and one of our favorites.

La Mata beach is divided in three areas: Pueblo (Town), Europeos (European) and Dulce (Sweet).

Los Náufragos beach: Caribbean-Mediterranean mix

On los Náufragos beach, the chillout fantasy of the Mediterranean becomes a reality: heavenly palm trees, orange sunsets and a very good atmosphere… Could you possibly ask for more?

(By the way, if you wish to go beyond Torrevieja, here you can see the most beautiful beach towns in Alicante).

Ferris cove, a Mediterranean oasis

In contrast to the urban beaches, Ferris cove offers an oasis of relaxation: just sand, palm trees and crystal-clear water. There are no bars or restaurants within a few kilometres.

© Lenny Van Camp

Piteras cove, a protected fauna

If you like to snorkel or dive, this little cove is perfect for you: at the bottom there is a posidonia meadow…  What is it? Nothing more and nothing less than sea grass. There is another world under the water of Torrevieja, just as impressive as the one above.

Natural pools in Torrevieja, an alternative

And among so many beaches, we find natural pools that have been created as a result of the rock formations. They are located near the previous cove and certain beaches… and they offer some privacy.

(One secret: there are wonderful islands on the Costa Blanca. Fancy knowing them?).

La Mata beach: blue, beige and beach bars

The calm of the monochrome sand on La Mata beach is only interrupted by the liveliness of its beach bars: there are more than 15 spread out along almost 3 kilometers.

Whether you want to show off your good looks while playing volleyball, drink a beer in the sun in the Iberian style or surf as if you were in Hawaii, at La Mata beach anything you can imagine becomes real.

Los Locos beach and its funny origin

Patients from the nearby psychiatric hospital used to walk here to get cured… and you are welcome to do the same. Just relax and enjoy.

With almost 800 meters in length, from here you will be able to see some of the best sunsets ever -and, if you get up early, sunrises too-, not to mention that it is the perfect spot for windsurfing.

But beach is not everything. Why not playing a round of golf in one of the many golf courses on the Costa Blanca? Here, there is no need to choose. On the Costa Blanca you can have it all!

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