The city of Valencia is one of our favourites on the Mediterranean coast. That’s why we love it when it receives international recognition as an outstanding destination.

On this occasion, the financial products consultancy has chosen Valencia as the healthiest city in the world after analysing several locations around the globe.

The research has taken into account fourteen metrics related to health and quality of life, such as pollution indices, hours of sunshine, quality of the health and mental health sector and life expectancy, among others.

Find out why Valencia is the healthiest city in the world here:

Art and culture in Valencia

The study highlights the rich cultural and musical heritage of the city. And they are not exaggerating one bit. One of Valencia’s strong points is the range of art and culture on offer in the city, including hotspots such as the City of Arts and Sciences and its Príncipe Felipe Science Museum.

valencia healthiest city

With more than 2,000 years of history, the city of Valencia has managed to preserve its heritage in places such as the Lonja de la Seda, a 15th century Gothic building protected by UNESCO, and in age-old traditions such as the Tribunal de las Aguas, which meets every Thursday in Valencia Cathedral to settle disputes over the use of water between farmers.

Valencia has also been chosen as World Design Capital and European Capital of Smart Tourism for 2022. One more reason to visit Valencia!

Valencian gastronomy

“It claims to have probably the best paella in the world”. Where else? Valencia is the birthplace of paella and there is no better place to enjoy the quality of local rice prepared with care and the freshest ingredients.

In Valencia, rice is cooked in more than forty different ways! Baked rice, arròs a banda (with fish), black rice (with squid in its ink), arròs amb fesols i nap (rice with beans)… and the varieties that stand out are Bomba, Senia and Bahía. La Albufera and the surrounding area is the ideal place to try them. This area owes its history, tradition and culture to the cultivation and preparation of rice.

And let’s not forget Valencia’s delicious raw materials. Vegetables, fruits, pulses, sea products… an endless pantry from which families, markets and restaurants are supplied every day.

valencia healthiest city

City of Valencia: the capital of good weather

The report describes Valencia’s climate as “glorious”. This adjective is not an understatement, as the city boasts almost 2,700 hours of sunshine a year and an average temperature of 19 degrees Celsius.

Thanks to this mild climate, visiting the city is a perfect plan for any time of the year. Whether in the warmer months -its beaches are a paradise for sea lovers- or in winter, when it is still pleasant to enjoy a drink in the open air.

Or in the many green areas, such as the Turia Garden, one of the largest natural urban parks in Spain, with more than 9 kilometres of walkable paths that pass by some of the most important museums and monuments.

Also, the Mediterranean acts as a natural filter that protects against pollution, which keeps the skies bright, clear and clean. There is no doubt in our minds: the city of Valencia is the capital of good weather.

That is why one of the most exclusive residential developments that we market at Sonneil is precisely on the coast of Valencia. Gran Canet is a new development with sea and mountain views and bathed in Mediterranean light, ideal for living the good life in the healthiest place on the planet!

Health system in Valencia

Another indicator of the quality of life of a region is how well its healthcare system works and how accessible it is. Valencia stands out in this regard, having received the sixth best score for healthcare, according to’s report.

Along with factors such as food and air quality, healthcare is largely responsible for the life expectancy in the city of Valencia, which, at 83.5 years, is the fourth highest of all the cities included in the report.

What better place to enjoy a long and healthy life than on the shores of the Mediterranean?

valencia healthiest city

Social life

If there is one thing that those of us who live on the Mediterranean coast like to do, it is to share moments with our people. We like to take advantage of the sunshine and warm days to connect with others, cultivating a healthy work-life balance.

Whether in natural surroundings such as the Albufera Natural Park, ideal for getting away from the hustle and bustle; on long, golden beaches such as those of Cabanyal, Malvarrosa and Patacona; or in the trendiest areas of the city of Valencia, such as the Ruzafa area, a bohemian paradise with cafés, flower shops, vintage clothes shops, bookshops, theatres…

What more could you ask for? The city of Valencia is a wonderful destination. If you want to continue discovering it, read this post on our blog on what to do and see in Valencia.

What more could you ask for? The city of Valencia is a wonderful destination. If you want to continue discovering it, read this post on our blog on what to do and see in Valencia.

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