Adventure through the waterways in Spain

When the Romans entered the Iberian Península, they said it could be crossed without touching the ground: jumping from treetop to treetop or sailing through its rivers. Today, doing it seems somewhat more difficult, right? Even so, we can enjoy routes along navigable rivers in Spain and get to know places where – who knows? – the Romans may have picnicked.

We can do it in different ways and through more or less autonomous means. If you do not have a navigation permit, there are companies that provide multi-day cruises.

A few cruises or boat trips will take you on the back of the rivers through the depths of Spain, to get to know another different face to the coast. Do you want to know the best routes for navigable rivers in Spain?

Today at Sonneil we tell you our favorites… Are you coming? We don’t want to stop making plans for when the good life returns. 🙂

Top | Routes through navigable rivers in Spain

From the north to the south, the shape of some of the most important rivers in Spain, such as the Guadalquivir, the Duero, the Guadiana and the Ebro, allows their navigation. An opportunity to enjoy the rich landscapes of the Iberian Peninsula on board.

And, if you dare to try the open sea, here you have the best sailing clubs in Spain.

Ebro, untamed north

Among the navigable rivers in Spain, the rivers of the north offer an excellent way to immerse yourself in the landscapes of this areat of ​​Spain that is so far from the landscapes that the south offers.

Thus, the Ebro allows different navigable routes departing from several locations. From Zaragoza to Tortosa, you can embark on this adventure for freshwater pirates.

We recommend renting a boat in Riba-roja d’Ebre to embark on the tranquility of its waters.

And what can you see from your boat in the Ebro Delta? Rice fields, mouths to the sea, fruit trees, lagoons and reeds that hide magical sunsets.

Waterways in the south

Although there are a large number of navigable rivers in Spain, today at Sonneil we focus on those in the south, where the experience is different.

  • Sanlúcar de Barrameda, river adventure | At Real Fernando you can climb almost 15 out of 700 navigable kilometers to finish at the impressive Doñana Park. An authentic Biosphere Reserve and also UNESCO Heritage.
  • Guadalquivir, the viewpoint of Seville | In Seville, the Guadalquivir offers an impressive route on the back of a boat with companies like Croisi Europe, which offers multi-day cruises that depart from the Puerto de las Delicias to places like Jerez, Córdoba or El Puerto de Santa María.
  • Guadiana in Huelva | And almost in Portugal, through the Guadiana you can admire the transit landscape including National Parks or the Guadiana International Bridge: one of the longest in Spain.

As for the way to navigate, you can rent your own professional boat if you have the relevant permits. Otherwise, there are catamarans or boats at your disposal so that you can navigate autonomously and adapted to your knowledge and experience, they are easy to use.

On the other hand, if you want to spend a few days or a day without having to worry about anything, you can travel the navigable rivers in Spain aboard a cruise ship. You will have everything at your disposal: panoramic views, stops in the towns to enjoy gastronomy and even the opportunity to get to know the rivers from another perspective: through river adventure sports.

Oh! Another of our favorite experiences at sea is to visit the island of Tabarca. Do not miss it!

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