When we think of the province of Alicante, we inevitably remember its marvellous beaches, the excellent climate it has most of the year and its delicious gastronomy. At the same time, the Costa Blanca has a rich history and culture that is reflected in its people and customs.

All these factors make Alicante and its beautiful coastal towns a perfect choice to start a new life. At Sonneil, we know that life is much better when you enjoy the good weather near the sea, so our aim is for you to experience it for yourself. Discover our developments on the Costa Blanca and let us take a look at your needs and plans for the future to offer you the property that best suits you.

Here is an overview of the best towns to live in Alicante.


Calpe and its Ifach Rock are symbols of the Costa Blanca. It is a traditional fishing town, bathed by the freshness of the Mediterranean Sea, which stretches along 13 kilometres of coastline, and bounded by the tranquillity of the Sierra d’Oltá mountain range. Calpe is a peaceful town to live in, but it is also very lively.

Some of its main attractions are its marvellous beaches, such as the Arenal beach, its nautical clubs, its fishing port surrounded by restaurants where you can eat the best seafood, and the Ifach Rock, a natural park rich in vegetation and birds. Calpe is also an invitation to wander through the old town’s charming streets, to visit the salt mines or to take long walks along the Infanta Elena promenade.

best towns to live in Alicante


Denia is a town that shines with its own light. It has 20 kilometres of coastline, where golden beaches of fine sand and rocky areas meet. Denia is famous for having two of the most emblematic places on the Costa Blanca, such as the majestic Montgó, a 750-metre high massif, and the Denia castle located right in the centre of the town, which was built by the Muslims during the 11th and 12th centuries.

In addition to these two symbols of great beauty, Denia offers other great places of interest such as its marvellous beaches, the port, its colourful neighbourhoods full of history and culture, as well as its excellent gastronomy. Denia is a great place to live, a quiet town with lively tourist areas.


As one of the best towns to live in Alicante, Altea stands out for its charm. Its old town is the most beautiful in the province of Alicante, displaying immaculate white houses, narrow cobbled streets and viewpoints overlooking the Mediterranean. Its seafaring origins are still unmistakable, but its charm also lies in its peaceful and welcoming atmosphere, its beaches, coves, promenade and restaurants.

best towns to live in Alicante


Set in the immense bay that delimits the town, right next to the majestic Montgó, this seaside town is one of the most important and beautiful municipalities on the Costa Blanca. With 20 kilometres of coastline, it combines fabulous beaches, such as the Arenal, hidden coves surrounded by pine forests and areas of steep cliffs to enjoy the views. Its old town is also another great asset, as well as its delicious gastronomy.

Guardamar del Segura

Its more than 11 kilometres of beach with turquoise waters, its extensive dunes and its large pine forests make Guardamar del Segura a town of great scenic beauty. The fishing tradition is still alive and well in its streets and beaches, and the town has an important cultural and archaeological heritage. It is a peaceful town to live in, with all the necessary services.


It is one of the most visited towns on the Costa Blanca. It is known for the beauty of its transparent beaches of fine sand, its rocky coves and its beautiful natural landscapes. It has a long promenade lined with restaurants and bars, with plenty of nightlife in the summer months, and you can also walk along some of its docks. Torrevieja is one of the most populated municipalities in Alicante, so it has all the services needed to live comfortably.

best towns to live in Alicante

Santa Pola

It is a tourist and fishing town with an excellent climate all year round. It has three elements that make it extremely attractive: the Santa Pola mountain range, the varied morphology of its coastline, where cliffs are mixed with sandy beaches, and the natural park of the salt flats. It is an ideal place to live all year round, as it has all the necessary services.


It is one of the smallest coastal towns in Alicante, but also one of the most charming. Many people have established their residence in this municipality due to its beauty, its hospitality, its good services and easy access. It has several beaches that stand out for the cleanliness and quality of their waters. In addition, its old town has great historical and cultural value.

So now that you know which are the best towns to live in Alicante, at Sonneil we offer you properties in these areas and many others along the coast. Can we help you find yours?

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